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  1. Rebuild 2 complete!

    Africa Twin
    Haven't been on much at all recently as the bike was parked up around a year ago and has been undergoing a sporadic upgrade/restoration. Here are a few pics (99% of what you see was supplied by Rugged Roads!) The swingarm was painted by Sudden Impact in Essex who did a fantastic job.
  2. carb problem

    on my 89 xl600v all of a sudden it started acting a little weird. on accelerating it would "bog" down a little on the low end and then when the rpms rose a little it ran normally. that problem seemed to mysteriously disappear. now when i try to start the bike it won't start. actually it will...
  3. RD04 total loss of electrics?

    Africa Twin
    Hello All So as per normal jumped on the AT and started her up. Was wheeling her backwards to get out a the spot that it was parked in and all of a sudden switched off and lost all power to the electrics. the alarm still has power but everything else is dead.......checked the fuses on the dash...
  4. Activity

    Just when I was thinking how little activity there was in the Transalp section, there's a sudden flurry of posts. If this carries on I may even subscribe to the forum :thumb:
  5. crappy tv ads

    just been watching a few hours telly ( mixture of channels ) and have come to the conclusion that we are all sat at home around a candle eating bread and jam plus we all have a chronic gambling addiction all of a sudden:rolleyes: . am i correct with my observations or am i alone with this view...
  6. NX650'89 sudden stop and lost compression

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi! Yesterday, I went to my mechanic to solve a fuel consumption problem, that revealed a stall valve! I went back from the shop, made 40Km's, and it gives me a big smile on my face! Today when I came to work the engine sudden stop and I've notice that It as almost no compression. Can anyone...
  7. Xr 125 (Won't start all of a sudden)

    Hi All, this is my first thread, although I have visited the site many time (a great source of info!) I have an XR125, which I use as a commuter for work, the triumph was costing me too much. Anway I have only had it 3 months and has been great so far (only 1,200 miles on it) the problem I...
  8. sudden increase in fuel use

    Africa Twin
    After servicing (not by me, but an independent bloke who's pretty good) my RD07 has started using about 10% more fuel. I used to get about 200 miles to reserver, now it's down to 180. That's two tank fulls now; and the amount I put in confirms it's dropped from about 48mpg to 43mpg. At the...