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  1. XR 400 suffix

    Hi all Just joined this forum as I have just bought an XR 400, all I know is that is a '96 as was the enduro version with next to no electrics judging by the rather crude wiring loom. My question is: would any of you know what would this bikes suffix be? Eg: rx, rv, 3ma etc. Thanks in.advance
  2. XR250 wont start

    Hi, New to the forum and hope someone can help. I've got a 2001 XR250 (not sure which model suffix it is so some help with identification would be appreciated....I believe 96-04 is covered by RT,RV, RW, RX, RY, R1, R2, R3, R4) with a Wiseco 277cc big bore kit fitted. It's been a pig to...
  3. XRV 750......Suffix...

    Africa Twin
    I've tried searching on the site, but can't find the info-I know it's in here somewhere, so any pointers appreciated. I have bought an italian import, but how can I find what year it was manufactured? the chassis code is jh2rd07a2...which suggests 1997, but I have also found reference to xrv750t...