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  1. Africa Twin
    Could anyone suggest a good clutch for my 1990 Africa Twin, please.
  2. Africa Twin
    Hey guys! Im swapping over to a set of yacugar progressives in front. Can anybody suggest an oil weight? Im looking for a stiffer, sporty type handling but not shake your teeth hard.
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello! I want to ask for help. My africa rd04 have problems burn gasoline rear cylinder. spark plugs are completely wet. Its too much fuel. what would you suggest? thanks
  4. Travel
    Hi. Got a small group of us going to the Alps in summer. Where would people suggest staying? I was thinking of using chamomix as a base and doing trips out from there. Any other recommendations? Cheers
  5. XL
    Hi Newbie here, I have brought myself an old XL600 LMF which i intend to restore, i have since realized that both the side panels i need are like hens teeth! just wondered if any one on here could help or suggest anything? thanks for any help Tony
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    As the title suggest, would like an un-cut and un-butchered wiring loom for an rd08 dominator. thanks Alistair
  7. XR
    Hi, Can anyone suggest where I can find some shorty levers, preferably ones that work on the stock XR650R perches and that dont cost asv prices? cheers Andy
  8. Insurance
    E Bike site has been down for a week now with only a phone number shown. Replies on ABR suggest the site has been hacked. My bikes still register as insured on the MID site( ) so I assume they still operating. A few bits of the E insurance empire appear to be more...
  9. Mechanical Advice
    Anyone suggest a sensibly priced source please? I am doing my NX4 and a bit surprised how much weight the wheel needs to balance properly!! Stick on weights will do for the time being, but not much use off road I suspect! ;-)
  10. Other Honda
    Now i want to purchase a new bike of hero honda which is having a sporty bikes and looks are also sporty. In my mind one sport bike name is there Honda CBR 250R STD. Is this bike is suits me and it is having some intrested technical features. Or you have to suggest another once
  11. Accessories
    I have some pitting/ discoloration on my front forks, the general stuff brought with age, looking to bring them back to life and protect them. What would you suggest?? Cheers
  12. Africa Twin
    Hey guys. We're current in Albania on my way to Greece Athens. We're making another Aim for the Horizon video o give away online. We're looking for AT parts in Greece so we can service to bikes and repair our breakages when we arrive. Can anybody suggest the best place to get the spares? Or...
  13. Accessories
    Does anyone make a headlight guard for the 700 Alp? Like the pic below, or in clear acrylic? Please don't suggest DIY, Id only burn my shed down or something equally disastrous! All I want is a nice, simple solution. Les
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I have a AT RD07 from 1995, and i would like to change my original air filter for something that brings me more "power" and allows the engine to breath better! What models do you suggest? Thks
  15. Africa Twin
    Good afternoon, I have a question concerning dampers. 1) Can somebody tell me if Dampers for RD04 and RD03 are compatible? 2) Can you suggest some company that can recondition/repair old dampers? 3) or do you recommend to buy a new one rather than to have a "rebuilt" one? if purchase what...
  16. XR
    Hello My XR650R is long overdue a "Thank You Service". Can someone suggest a decent specialist who can do what is needed, please? Close to Preston would be nice.
  17. Africa Twin
    Can anybody suggest on mounting my Facet pump? I do have the frame mount, but not the rubber sleeve.
  18. Transalp
    Hi all, my XL650 was stolen from outside my house 10 days ago. Fortunately it was recovered very quickly and the only damage done to it was a broken left-hand rear view mirror! Can anybody suggest where I can get either a replacement round mirror glass, or a single l/h mirror on its stalk...
  19. Chatter
    Looking to holiday in France this year, we have been looking through the internet for the past couple of weeks with no resolution. I was hoping for some inspiration here, where would you guy's suggest? Thanks
1-19 of 26 Results