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  1. Delkevic Exhaust

    Product Reviews
    Hi all Ive recently posted asking for advice on a XL650V exhaust and a very kind gent has suggested a Delkevic exhaust. Does anyone else have this brand of exhaust? If so can I ask your thoughts please? Kind regards Steve
  2. Newbie question

    Hi everyone I noted this today from the wiring coming out of the horn switch. Any suggestions on how to fix it or whether it needs fixing? Some friends suggested heat shrink tube or sugru. Would highly value your take on it. Thanks newbie rider!
  3. struggling to find rear wheel

    Hello people, Just found this forum and am relatively new to the XR club. I have a 1991 xr250r and need a new back wheel. I am however struggling to find one and was hoping someone here maybe able to help? Have checked some of the suggested websites listed on here and have searched on ebay...
  4. SLR still won't start

    Dominator / FMX
    The sarga continues. I have now managed to access my workshop manual and have tried all of the stuff people have suggested. I have now come to the throttle position sensor , according to the manual this should have a reading between 4-6 ohms and mine is reading open circuit . I am hoping this...
  5. 650 front forks and preloading

    Been having a chat with Cabbage and don't really want to go spending 120 bucks on progressive springs so wondering whether its worth firming the front suspension up a bit with an oil change in the forks with a heavier weight oil and putting in some preload spacers. Cabbage suggested 10/15mm of...
  6. Study shows that Motorcyclists '23% better' behind the wheel

    I'm sure we have all thought that as a motorcycling then you are also a better driver too. Well, a study from an insurance underwriting firm, Equity Red Star, has suggested that people who ride motorcycle's are 23% less likely to have a claim in a car than those who don't own a motorcycle...
  7. Introducing myself

    It was suggested i introduced myself so here goes My name is Gareth im from south wales and i do some greenlaning on an xr 250. I went to italy in july and did around 400 miles of trail riding on the bike i paid £900 of my hard earned for and it didnt skip a beat. I also added an xr 125 as...
  8. Wanted: Boots for Big Feet!

    For Sale / Wanted
    My lad has started whinging that he wants a lightweight pair of boots to ride to college with and then chuck in the top box and wear the usual trainers around College. Barmy to me but hey, I am "old and know nothing" ;) I suggested Derri boots or Wellies but that is seriously not cool...
  9. Rear Suspension rebuilds - any recommendations?

    I need to have a Transalp 650 rear shock rebuilt, with a new spring. Would like seals etc done at same time, new oil, new gas etc. Anybody got a suggested dealer for this work? Need to improve how it acts in really bumpy off-road stuff to improve my placings!! Should be in a postion to send...
  10. Jellies meet up Sat 8th of june

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    How about a meet up at jellies on sat the 8th of june? Deb and I are on our way up to scotland. Hudders suggested maybe a meet up at jellies to break up the journey. Deb and I will get there probably around 3ish (once I had a look how far it is:iconbiggrin:) So anyone for a shandy?
  11. Tank capacity

    What's the most you've been able to squeeze into a 650 fuel tank ? I've managed to get more than the 19.3 litres in the past that the tank is supposed hold but today whilst chugging on fumes I put 20 litres in at a Shell station, the cashier seemed a bit upset when I suggested their pumps...
  12. Why two spark plugs per cylinder?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know why there's two plugs per cylinder (apart from "Thats how Honda designed it"). Trying to think of a technical reason. I guess its probably just for a more efficient burn?? The guy I bought the bike off suggested that one was "redundant" even though it ran all the time, & was...
  13. Top Tip - Visor Cleaning

    Evening After nearly 17 years, a mate and I were discussing the joys of riding in the sh1t weather we have been having recently, I was complaining about poor vision, when he suggested 'Pledge', the furniture polish. I thought why not? The results are amazing, why I have never done this...
  14. Super Tenere (750) yes Vara & K100RS no

    After picking brains over early Varaderos and K100's I have brought a 92 Super Tenere done ~29000 an import (in 2003) looks and rides OK hope it is in the long term, checked all the suggested things, do all 90's jap giant trailies rot their rims, ruin their output shafts and have rubbish...
  15. Chatline

    A big thanks to PaulS, using a direct chatline this afternoon. The reason for this thanks is, I fitted a new fuel pipe from the fuel filter to the pump, & for some reason was getting fuel coming out of the thin overflow pipe on tickover. Couldn't quite fathom it out, had the tank off, no...
  16. Suspect ICU

    Mechanical Advice
    The tacho on my RD04 won't read higher than 3500-4000 rpm,irrespective of speed. Everything else works fine and dandy. I've checked the wiring for any breaks - non visible. So,as suggested some time ago by a forgotten forum member (apologies to whoever that was) the ICU may be the fault. I...
  17. Routine Inner Tube Replacement?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Is it necessary? I need both tyres replacing at the moment and am using the Transalp purely on the road as an all-year-round commuter. The dealer, although they deal with bikes, they are not their forte, suggested both tubes may want replacing. If the tubes do not have punctures and are no...
  18. Hosepipe ban

    Been debating with Thames Water on Twitter today and they have suddenly gone silent - I think I have found a way round the ban. There is an Exemption for businesses that clean your car (or motorcycle) for you So I suggested I pay my son to clean my bike, or even pay myself as a business...
  19. After the Fireworks

    Africa Twin
    After this evening's edition of the Firework festival, conversation turned to the subject of seeking the source of good advice on matters Africa Twin ... well, quite naturally, I suggested The Esteemed So, as I know from my own fortunate experience that you are all...
  20. Austria trails / unsurfaced roads.

    Three of us are heading off to Austria end of May and would like to include some trails / unsurfaced roads and wild camping. Does anyone here have any experiences to recount and suggested routes, sites to visit and know whether it's ok to ride trails in Austria.