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  1. Leaking fuel VA5

    Help please! Bike immaculate,, tank gets damaged but worked fine, full fill ups etc. Tank gets repaired, cracking job. Bike given back with fuel light on???? Got home, decided to go to garage to fill up--- bike cuts out. Put 3 gallons in, still would not start--no smell of petrol. Dropped...
  2. To Weld Or Not To Weld

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Some of you might have a vague memory of a post I put up over 2 years ago entitled; "I Was Sold A Lemon" Long story short, the engine in my 'new to me' 1991 RD04 had an oil leak, was discovered the sump had a crack which was filled, dealer bought me a replacement engine, I had it...
  3. Torque settings for 2002 fx650y

    Dominator / FMX
    does anyone know or tell me where i could find the correct torque settings,the ones i need are as follows,the oil filter housing bolts,sump bung bolts(on frame and at the bottem),rear wheel axle,front wheel station,fork yokes and also the two allen key bolts on the head the ones that would be...
  4. How can I rescue this Dominator?

    Dominator / FMX
    For the last three years I have come in by bike and essentially parked in the same spot. Each day I ride past a bike in the car park which is completely covered. Only a slight gold wheel exposed. Today I noticed the bike had been moved slightly with more of the front wheel exposed as well as the...
  5. Running Naked

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been running mine, testing etc, with out any fairing or sump guard and I like it Bike still gets amazingly hot and I can feel more heat on my legs than before I am hoping that's due to more airflow wafting around the engine I am thinking a simple nose cone cowl only would be ample for...
  6. How bulletproof?

    Hi guys I went riding on sunday, only for an hour or so, and this was after I had been out for a similar amount only a couple of weeks earlier. Before I went out a couple of weeks ago, I checked my oil level and it was great, so didn't think to check it this week. (I've had the bike 3.5 years...
  7. Time for a service

    Dominator / FMX
    Quick question folks, i am about to do an oil and filter change to my 89 and cannot remember if it was sump first then downtube or vice versa. It was only four months ago too :( and did i, do i dip the filter in fresh oil or put in dry ? Bloody hell i'm doting :rolleyes:
  8. Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    So here's my build to throw into the pot. Are there any original dominators left?! :p Wanted to go down the scrambler route rather than the street tracker look, as wanted it to be able to cope with some off roading. Have therefore made up a tray in the subframe which will house most of the...
  9. Dominator sump guard

    Dominator / FMX
  10. Fuel consumption: RD07/a carbs adapted to an RD03?

    Africa Twin
    As the title states, is there a chance to adapt the different bits in/around the carburetors from a later model Africa Twin (RD07/a, which are noticeably less thirsty) to an earlier RD03, in order to make it a bit more fuel efficient? I'm not fully aware of their design/layout differences, so...
  11. Carburetor rebuild parts

    Good day fellas. Sitting here in Chile waiting for the bike and even with the dramatic increase of beautiful women around me I can't help but also think about the carbs. Turns out they are to blame for the horrendous fuel consumption and poor first gear performance. I've found rebuild kits...
  12. Wanted: centre stand

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi folks just wondering if anyone has a spare centre stand they would like to sell - honda or aftermarket (I'm in Australia though and will cover the postage) Also interested in crashbars or an ally sump guard (planning an overland trip from Australia to Paris -maybe London - depends on where...
  13. Oil consumption

    Hi, my TA650 (80000km on the clock) has high oil consumption on the higway. When I returned from France (1500km, at 120km/h, 3 panniers) it used 0,7l. It seems a lot to me. My theory is too high oil temperature. It was really hot (engine case), compare to brothers Tiger 1050...So I am...
  14. Performance air Filter

    Hello, it seems that using a KN it reduces the fuel consumption a bit. Can you tell me if worth it ? best price I found is a pipercross..., are they good?
  15. WANTED: under cowl for XL700 VA8

    Hello all, I am after a under cowl or a sump guard for my xl700 VA8. Original Honda one is £190.00! Plastic!
  16. Best Cruising RPM

    Hi mates, regarding fuel consumption, what will be the best rpm for cruising? Ive been riding my 2002 carbs at 2500-3000 and I can get arround 320kms for a 22lts fillup. cheers
  17. Rear Sprocket on a Carbie blue

    Hi mates, its true the blue ones are faster :-) , but Im planing to change the rear sprocket to a 42 tooth for better fuel consumption on my 2002 Dero. Anyone has experience with this setup (16/42) for regular and touring ride? cheers
  18. Transalp Fuel Tank Overflow Corroded

    Hi All, I fiilled up with fuel the other night, and immediately fuel started coming out of one of the draining pipes at the bottom of the bike. Thought initially it was a stuck float in the carb, but it turns out the drain pipe (for when you overfill the tank) that runs from the tank cap...
  19. Oil consumption Honda Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Oil consumption on my Honda Dominator Hello there folks! Great forum you've got here. Newbie here, Joško from Croatia and i have a question about my 1998. rd 08 Dommie. Recently i've changed the oil after the 3000 km interval and it really struck me to find that i've only draind 0.9l of...
  20. with two XL700VA around the world

    My girlfriend an me rode around the world with two XL700VA. Honda does not sponsor us or even give us a discount on anything. Thereby this is completey honest: these bikes are undestroyable and they can suffer a lot. We rode 183,475 Km (app. 110k miles) and we had nearly no problems except...