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  1. Piston question for RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi AT friends, would apreciate your help again :) I will get a top end engine job done in Malaysia soon. Hopefully just change of pistons rings, but who knows when opening.. My mechanic (Sunny cycle in Kuala Lumpur) says i might also need a slightly bigger piston. He says you can get pistons...
  2. Greetings from the tropics in Oz

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I don't seem to have introduced myself when I joined in '11 (I think). My name is John, I live in sunny Queensland, tht's the north east portion of Australia about 300km north of the Tropic of Capricorn. I have 4 bikes, 3 that are running, including my '03 XL650V Transalp that I bought new in...
  3. A sad day

    Hi Folks, After nearly 9 years and 48.5k miles my TransAlp has gone. Faced with the bill for a new exhaust and front tyre [plus service] for the MOT I succumbed to an offer of £1,600 from my local independent bike shop. Whilst I know he'll do the work and clean her up for sale and make a...
  4. For Sale: Wild Country Bike/back packing tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon all, Im moving on another tent from collection. I have a very very lightly used WC Solace tent in vgc condition, although classed as a one man this is one man plus a spot of gear. Not only that it has decent headroom to sit up and cook/ change etc. It also comes with a nice little...
  5. Happy New Year!

    I'm not getting in first because I'm a sad old bugger with nowhere to go on new Year's Eve, it's because I'm in NZ and already wearing off the hangover. And because I'm feeling some sympathy for you lot because it's peeing down here as well. Admittedly, for the first time in weeks, and there...
  6. Happy Birthday Nick in Brum

    reached the ripe old age of 49 today , and dont look a day over 60 :D started with breakfast in bed , and now going for a ride on my bike with my good lady on this lovely sunny saturday , later i'll have some cake :p could things get any better todays special offer i'll be awarding a thanks to...
  7. HELLA 12V/55W Halogen Clear Fog Lamps on RD 07 1993 - Battery good to power?

    Africa Twin
    Greetings from tropical and sunny Sri Lanka! I am considering mounting HELLA H13090611 Micro DE Series 12V/55W Halogen Clear Fog Lamps on my RD 07 1993. With my bike headlights on high beam and both Hella fog lamps switched on, will the battery be able to cope with the power requirement? If I...
  8. For Sale: Africa Twin rack extension

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought this some years ago, never fitted to an AT, modified it to fit a V-Strom, no longer needed as it won't fit an R1100GS :) Stainless £30 plus p&p at cost or collection from sunny Weston super Mare or swap for that nice Touratech camping rack extension I've spotted on here!
  9. Streettracker number 8 + junior.

    Dominator / FMX
    Latest bike 99% completed and test ridden earlier :) So much fun to ride on a sunny sunday! The other bike is a 1976 XR75 which is almost done now just waiting on a new front plate and splash some paint on the pipe.
  10. Any advice XL650 Transalp 2001 cut out despite new battery (regulator working) ?

    Last week- with no warning bike wouldn't start in am, warm sunny day, no prior problem. Changed battery, checked charge and bike started fine and running fine. Until three days later after a 50 mile ride when it cut out completely on A404 as slowing down for lights in traffic. Would not start...
  11. Cold start this Morning

    Africa Twin
    with no snow and a sunny warm week since a high of 24C on Easter Sunday, I thought it would be good to take the bike for my 20 mile commute to work this fine spring Morning:- So new RHS rad fitted, fresh coolant, and a rub down with an oily rag and left ready on the drive :- woke to -1C
  12. Varadero & the fitting of a lightened flywheel

    I have been wanting to do this mod for so long & finally got my act together & cut the Varadero flywheel today & fitted it. Here is a picture of the Std Varadero & VTR flywheels, the bigger is the Varadero's. Cut the tail off with a 9” grinder with cutting disc, crank was held/strapped to a...
  13. How many of ye are all year bikers?

    Africa Twin
    So folks How many of the AT's are locked away for the sunny spring days? How many are working through the winter? A can of WD40 and off you go! I wouldn't consider myself a full on all year biker but I do ride through every month of the year. Cars are there for a reason!
  14. New member from sunny Scotland

    Hi everyone I have just bought an xr 250 1989 vintage in bits but it's started to come together and it does run although a little noisy at the minute. I shall get some pics up soon. Cheers Alec
  15. Free: Front rear tyres

    For Sale / Wanted
    Removed from my Honda NX4 as I wanted a more aggressive tyre combo. Good nick, no cracking or any punctures, BUT these are 10 years old! The bike was stored under cover for the 10 years, so no visible damage from sunlight and they did not appear to have got stiff. Only done around 1K miles, if...
  16. Bluetooth Helmet/Headset Compatibility?

    It is time to replace my long serving helmet, and I'm thinking of investing in a Bluetooth enabled helmet. I like the idea of listening to a few tunes and podcasts when I'm sat on the motorway, and also on the sunny day each year I like the idea of having a chat with her on the back. But, due to...
  17. Ninja 30 - Donington Paddock - Sunday 6th July 2014.

    I say Chums ! Donington Sunday morning weather forecast currently looking like this ... 07:00 to 10:00 Sunny 10:00 to 13:00 Sunny Intervals 13:00 to 19:00 Possibility of rain showers The World of Kawasaki event at Donington on the 6th July. KMUK are having a 30 years of Ninja display...
  18. Circuit of Ireland Iron Butts

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Myself and Serious3 recently did the Circuit of Ireland Iron Butts challenge. Left Clifden, on the west coast on a bright sunny morning and headed for Letterkenny in Donegal. Had a quick break then across to Ballycastle for another stop, then headed on the longest leg, all the way down to...
  19. Wanted: Mounting kit and charger lead to battery for Tom Tom Urban Rider

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all I've just bought a Tom Tom Urban Rider Sat Nav, but need a mounting kit for it. Ideally I'm looking for the type of mount that comes with a charger lead to the battery so it can charge whilst riding, but ultimately any suitable mounting kit will do. Does anyone have one for sale...
  20. Danish blonde nurses.

    Thought that might grab your attention :D:D:D Tomorrow I have to go to Aarhus University Hospital to get my head examined....("About time", I hear in chorus.) I have to go and have an EMG which I am told is not nice.:( My treatment involves having a needle stuck in a face muscle for over an...