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  1. ran out of petrol this morning

    I must say I was surprised - only 218miles on the trip and the gauge just beginning to point at the E for empty. I figured I had at least another 10-20miles and was aiming to fill at a cheap supermarket, when stutter stutter, slow slow and it dawned on me the tank was empty. With a bit of...
  2. oh FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    popped into the supermarket to pick up somthing nice for wifeys dinner (i always cook something on fridays ):D back in my van sitting stationary waitng in a line of cars to get out the car park when BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some silly ****er roars out of their parking space and slams into the side...
  3. pics with a phone camera

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    having got a new mobile, with a camera on it, I thought it was about time I took some pics with it & found out how to a) use it b) transfer the pics to the PC & c) find out if it is any good or not. Looking at the pics, the answer to c is obvious.. NOPE! as a camera its a POS. judge for...
  4. crash bar rust

    Africa Twin
    and while I'm at it... Does anyone know how i can hide the scrapes on the crash bar. (i dropped it at the supermarket... nur! v adventurous). They seem to have a rubberized coating. Thanks y'all! Steve
  5. Spiked Fuel

    You must've heard about all the spiked fuel found in Tescos and other supermarket fuel stations in the South East recently, right? Well, anyone know if it effects motorcycles?
  6. Stafford county showground bike show

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Went down to the stafford county showground for the classic bike show and jumble. Phil (piguglyshandydrinker) went down with us. Had a great day out, and enjoyed it probably more than last years nec show. Day didnt start out brill though. Bike was low on juice so had to fill up. The...
  7. What the!!

    Found a large crack in the right hand side panel of my '05 this morning, around the forward bolt mounting. Further inspection revealed a further small crack around the swing arm pivot bolt cover on the pillion footpeg carrier plate. Haven't dropped it, and there is no sign of other damage...
  8. Trip preperation

    Africa Twin
    Hello there. Im in the process of planning a trip from London to Dakar on my @, and i wanted to know what modifications I should make to the bike. I have a RD07 that is 5 years old, and has done 38,000 miles. I have done some minor things to it already, changed the hand guards to...
  9. thevin' gits

    Africa Twin
    Well, after a nice easter camping/eating, I thought that i had better re-stock my food stash. So off i went to the local supermarket to choose this weeks delicacies. I thought that i would get as much stuff as I could, as i still had the touratech panniers on the @. Everything was fine, I...