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  1. Fuel overflow lines - where to connect?

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone! I recently remove the tank, airbox and carburators to change the main jets after changing to a more open exhaust. Know putting everything back I have a small problem... There is several fuel overflow or drain lines connected together to one main line that dumps excess fuel it...
  2. Starter Relay Woes

    Africa Twin
    So a while back one morning she failed to start, ignition dead. I traced this to the starter relay, and it was fairly well melted as is well documented - a bit of a wiggle and she came to life. So I ordered the new relay, which came - and now Ive fitted it I've run into issues and she wont...
  3. Air Cut Off Valve Cap Hole Size ?

    Dominator / FMX
    This is the air cut off valve cap Amongst many other things i tried to make sure everything is clean etc So when I tried to blow through this i thought it could be blocked Very difficult to blow through so i thought try pushing something through Tried old fuse wire, nope, tried a pin, nope...
  4. Hidden kill switch! Kill switch is pacifist and wont kill!

    Africa Twin
    Hello lads, I have a quick question here. I am rebuilding my AT XRV 750 RD07 and I'm currently to putting it all back together. When I was installing a Volt meter, I discovered a hidden kill switch installed by prev owner. Now here is the hard part. The hidden kill switch cuts the circuit...
  5. Change engine number on V5 - DVLA

    Dominator / FMX
    These days if you want to change the engine number on your V5, DVLA require proof of purchase of the engine, or an engineers report from the garage that did the job (what a load of ballsocks). As the owner of several (ahem) spare engines I phoned them to ask what you're supposed to do if you...
  6. Boxing Day meet Whitminster Inn M5 J 13

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    as title Boxing Day meet Whitminster Inn M5 J 13 from 11 on see more although organised by vintage club all ages of machines and riders welcome, weather supposed to be good. Its a stand and natter/view bikes etc. Many make it the target of their Boxing Day...
  7. poor starting on cold damp mornings

    XL700VA9 so not old but starts and stalls on cold & damp mornings unless revved a few times. Once running its fine and the batteries good and will keep turning it over until it starts. It's supposed to have been serviced but I'm suspecting plugs and/or air filter are the cause, what plugs do...
  8. Engine / clutch noise Africa Twin 1990.

    Africa Twin
    Funny noise coming from clutch side. Hard to describe noise but someone told me the clutch bearing. Took casing off and the basket and bearing looks and feels fine. I notice the oil pump chain seems very slack. Is this supposed to be like this ? Regards, Tim.
  9. NX650 2000 exhaust front pipes...???

    Dominator / FMX
    With out putting to much though into it, I bought a pair of stainless steel?? down pipes off of eBay for my 2000 Dommie, had a very quick play with them tonight and I think they might be for a different model..?? Are there more than one combination for our NX650s...?? also they are supposed to...
  10. Speedo drive

    Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a washer or spacer between to fork and the speedo drive assembly? I know there is one on the opposite side. But for some reason, when I do up the shaft on the wheel. The bolts holding the disk are rubbing on the caliper on the speedo drive side. Its...
  11. Ign Light coming on

    Africa Twin
    Riding home this afternoon and noticed my orange ignition light began to dimly glow. As I carried on, the light began to get brighter. She's been running rough for some time and the person who was supposed to look at her for me has let me down. Got a photoshoot with Adventure Bike Magazine in...
  12. xr 400 oil level ,

    is the oil supposed to spit out when you rev the bollox of it when the filler cap is off ?? mine doesn't , does this mean oil pump renewal ?? before I rev it to death ???
  13. For Sale: honda varadero 1000 Chainguard and OEM exhausts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Items removed from a 2007 Fi Varadero 1000 about 4 years ago. Have long since sold the bike. Chain guard standard fitment. Wiped down and most of the oily crap removed. Will bolt straight on. £15 posted. I also have a pair of standard exhausts/silencers (i.e. not the headers) removed...
  14. Africa Twin with no Engine number????

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, Brand new here and I just got my hands on what I believe to be a 2000 AT, even though it was first registered in 5/2002 and is gold and black although it appears the tank may have been blue at one point, which is kinda strange. A little bit of blue is showing at a chipped area of the...
  15. How are RD04 headlights configured?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've got a US Transalp with Africa Twin parts on it. I'm pretty sure the headlights came from an RD04 or RD07. I think these are Euro-spec headlights. Here's what's on each lens: Right: Stanley D01-1981 (02083R20). Left: Stanley 5900 (0240R20), has a "city light" mini bulb in it...
  16. splutter coming off idle

    Hi I've got an xr600r that has been modified for twinshock scrambles. 640 bore kit stage 2 cam 10:1 compression piston and a 41mm flat slide carb. bike ran great for about a month , but has developed a splutter coming off idle. runs ok on tick over and again when on half throttle or above...
  17. splutter coming of idle

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi I've got an xr600r that has been modified for twinshock scrambles. 640 bore kit stage 2 cam 10:1 compression piston and a 41mm flat slide carb. bike ran great for about a month , but has developed a splutter coming off idle. runs ok on tick over and again when on half throttle or above...
  18. Is this hole supposed to be there??? 600

    Hi! Just you guys have a small hole on the underside of your exhaust? It's a 1996 600....I am patching the old exhaust up before paint and found this hole. It's perfectly round so thought I would check if it's supposed to be there before filling it. :rolleyes:
  19. Exhaust gaskets

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I have had some problems with popping on the overrun on my rd04-90. I was going to change the header gaskets but is confused about the sizing of the front gasket. On 91 up it is supposed to have the larger one in front. I have bought both to try and the larger one fits very nice in...
  20. voltage indicator

    with the supposed fragility of honda reg/rec i thought i'd try one of these from ebay. under 4 quid delivered. i wish i had bought 2. it should warn me if the battery should play up or the reg/rec over charge or under charge.