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  1. Shark Helmets Introduce a Line of Drak Models Featuring Face Masks

    Shark Helmets is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmets in the world with four decades of experience in the field. The company was established by former professional racers who wanted to create safer, better gear for all riders to enjoy their biking experience while staying...
  2. Torque settings for 2002 fx650y

    Dominator / FMX
    does anyone know or tell me where i could find the correct torque settings,the ones i need are as follows,the oil filter housing bolts,sump bung bolts(on frame and at the bottem),rear wheel axle,front wheel station,fork yokes and also the two allen key bolts on the head the ones that would be...
  3. Transalp 600 (1994) Fan direction?

    Odd question I know Fan switch was faulty and welded solidly in place in my 1994 600 Transalp I fitted a manual switch instead, and although it is just replacing the original fan switch I am now obsessing if somehow the fan is running the wrong way. When in heavy traffic the fan doesn't seem...
  4. Brake pad reviews

    As with sprocket reviews the common thread here is to buy honda oem parts. However, surely ALL "universal" parts cant be useless otherwise companies would go out of business, no?
  5. XL700V Replacement Forks

    So I have a 2009 XL700V, which I love but which has been used and abused as a commuter all year round since new ( 8 years now ). It's getting to the stage where I'm beginning to think about doing something with the front forks - not so much a re-spring / re-valve, but more that the external...
  6. CRF100L compatibility with Givi Monkey system

    Africa Twin
    Evening all. Just spent some time googling what is required to connect my existing Givi (Kappa) monkey top box to the new AT. I figured it would just be a plastic adapter plate mounted straight to the bike as with the XRV750 before. Somehow though it seems far more complicated than that. It...
  7. 650 discs - all the same or later ones different?

    One of my front discs is warped as a result of the pad spring being incorrectly fitted in the caliper prior to my ownership and causing the brake to bind. Does anyone know whether all 650 front discs are the same, or whether they are different for later (2004 onwards) bikes? Some sources sell...
  8. Fork brace and springs??????

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again I recently fitted a high level mudguard to my Dommie. It looks great, in doing so however I removed the brace that runs under the old road mudguard. I have noticed that when I brake the handlebars twist. I understand about turning moments and forces generated by single sided disc...
  9. break pads

    Mechanical Advice
    good morning my motorcycle riding friends a friend of mine with a Honda motorcycle fitted with Nissan calipers needs new break pads pretty soon . I have read it on the internet so it must be true :D the the likes of EBC hh sintered pads give a good break but can cause premature disc wear even...
  10. FX650 oil filter housing problems

    Dominator / FMX
    Evening All I've been running an FX650 Vigor for 4 years without any problems. The mileage is low at 8500, and consequently most components are pretty well as new. The bike had one previous owner, with a dealer service book showing regular services. Carrying out a routine oil change this week...
  11. 2 reg's ,2 stators and 2 rotors later and XL250R still not charging! Help!!

    Hi all,new to forum but can do most things on bikes so suggestions don't need to be too simplistic but i think i could be missing something obvious here.I have a 1984 XL250R with an MD17 engine ( md11 originally) which i bought as project and restored.Starts and runs fine but doesn't charge...
  12. Odometer turning backwards and speedometer is at zero

    Africa Twin
    Gentlemen,I have a problem I like to share with you and hopefully get someadvice. Ihave a AT RD07 1993. The speedometer was not working when I got thebike some years back. When I checked the worm gear the nylon bush wasin pieces and the aluminium/metal worm was broken up badly.Completely...
  13. Carole Nash insurers = Dick Turpin

    I've just sold my africa twin and rang Carole Nash to cancel my insurance. I have six weeks remaining on the policy that I paid for up front last year. I was informed that there is a 50 pound cancellation charge, I expected the cancellation charge to be more than they owe me, as the telephone...
  14. NX650 custom scrambler on ebay

    Dominator / FMX
    Nice looking bike, but surely the asking price is a typo?!
  15. Neilsen brake piston removal tool set

    Anybody got or used one of these kits or similar? I'm having trouble pulling the piston out using the kit, surely it cant be that difficult as they dont seem to want to move, when I use the metal bobbin to level against the caliper body with the cone shaped bit inside the socket inside the...
  16. Speedometer problem

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello all, I'm having a problem with the speedo on my Dominator, hopefully someone may be able to shed some light as to the likely cause. A few days ago the speedo stopped working. I removed the cable and found it was siezed up solid, not surprisingly, the plastic drive gear in the hub was...
  17. A lesson in Dominators please!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I seem to have an itch to scratch - For some strange reason I think I really fancy a Dominator :D But a tad confused over models, and CC. Does anyone know..... Were the 500 and the 650 made side by side until about 2000 - if so, why? I thought the 650 'took over' from the 500. Seems to...
  18. Dulux not so Brilliant white!

    Having had a bad experience with yellowing white paint in the past, I plumped for some Dulux Brilliant White to finish a job last March - an extra tenner or so for premium paint is good value compared to re-painting a full house in a couple of years' if cheaper stuff yellows... I opened the...
  19. XR 400 workshop manual in spanish

    hi, just wondering if anyone can point me where i could try and obtain a workshop manual (cd, pdf, etc) for an XR400 in spanish for a friend. all he or i could find are in english and japanese. surely must be one in spanish,italian, german etc? thanks in advance. mark
  20. Any interest in another rebuild thread?

    Africa Twin
    I am currently in the middle of restoring my rather sad RD07a. The intention is to try to turn this 1999 type 10 Sahara blue metallic, stolen recovered Cat c right off into this This is how it would have looked and hopefully will look at journeys end. Acquired via this very forum when the...