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  1. Surging! And the return of the original seems mother does know best!

    Africa Twin
    So, I know this has been discussed in a few places here, don't think I've seen the answer to my prob, please forgive me if you think it's here somewhere. Got the dreaded surge at around 60-80 mph as I hold a steady throttle on, and even more so as I back off it after accelerating. The bike is...
  2. Hesitation/Surging at high speed around 60 to 70 mph is driving me crazy

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A is experiencing hesitation/surging from about 60 through to 70 mph when holding a steady throttle or when rolling back on the gas from a steady throttle in this speed band. You can accelerate through these speeds and it improves somewhat but never really goes away in this speed band...
  3. RD04 Surging

    Africa Twin
    My RD04 has begun surging on the throttling back. Coming off the power and just letting the engine control the speed whilst slowing down, the bike's began to surge back and fore. Can get quite difficult to control in some situations without slipping the clutch. I've just put a brand new air...
  4. cold engine surging niggles.

    G'day all! When my TA is cold, it's surges like a wild thing. This cleares up when its run a bit and getting warmer. I know its not too much of a problem, but I've noticed it's getting worse and i'd like to do something about it. I'm assuming I have to do something to the carborator, but...
  5. Surging / bogging issue...

    Dominator / FMX
    My 89 dommie runs well, able to get off choke to a smooth idle quite quickly. Hardly uses any oil and generally is OK. I have a K&N, drilled airbox lid and Acerbis large tank fitted. Last week I changed the oil, plug and exhaust headers for ones without holes in them. The problem is that the...
  6. Surging

    Anyone notices a bit of surging with the carb models. Mine runs sweet but when its plodding along you can feel it surge just a touch my xrv does it too reckon it could be symtomatic of the type of engines.
  7. Surging on my @

    Africa Twin
    Hi, just wondered if anyone here has experienced a sort of surging when powering down on the throttle. Maybe surging is not the right word. The bike just becomes very shaky (as if I am going over little bumps), with some forward and backward motion - this goes away when I pull in the clutch...