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suspension adjustment

  1. Hagon preload the hell?????

    Hi all. hopefully someone can help. I recently bought a hagon monoshock with the optional preload adjustor unit. the problem I have now, is that there is about a foot of hydraulic hose with a big metal adjuster on the end. i have no clue as to where to mount it using the supplied bracket. I've...
  2. Suspension adjustment

    Probably a dumb question but as it is from me, it's ok.... Sometimes, entering into corners, I get the feeling of the bike being a little "wobbly" is the best I can describe it. Those of you who know me, will know I am not a light weigth. Is it just a case of trial and error, make it the bike a...
  3. New F700GS and F800GS

    BMW has revealed the 2013 replacements for its existing F650GS and F800GS – both bikes getting styling changes and technical updates. The more road-oriented F650's name has changed to F700GS, although confusingly it actually has the same 798cc capacity as the F800GS (just as it did before)...
  4. Rear suspension adjustment XLV650V

    About a month ago i bought a used Transalp 650V 2005 model with 10700 km on the clock. Although it's my second bike since i also own a Triumph Tiger 1050 i have to agree that i ride it more often since i like the smooth feel you get out of it. I would like to ask you were is the best access...