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suspension bearings

  1. 650 transalp: I fear I must replace my swingarm bearings (play in s'arm)-any advice?

    Hi, I have a 2003 650 transalp, its done about 30,000 miles. There's play in the swingarm, about 6-8mm of play at the back end. I notice it when cornering, now that I know to expect it I am no longer frightened when I feel the rear wheel move across unexpectedly. However, its not good, I want...
  2. That's not right either.......

    So, continuing the saga started by the rusted silencer, I removed the exhaust (what a faff that was!) so that I could then remove the swingarm and finally get some room the change the shock. Cleaned up the swingarm this morning removing years of accumulated crud and chain grease. Noticed that...
  3. how to check rear bearings ?

    Hi guys.. Right mot guy advised the bearings are geeting knackered:( must be all that off road stuff.. its a Ta650 02 model. How exactly do you check for play in the swing arm bearings and also the suspension bearings..? I have no centre std but have a bar and blocks for under the cntr stand...
  4. NX suspension bearings

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi anyone found an alternative to buying the linkage bearings for a Dommi from honda they be darn expensive £150 plus for the seals bearings and collar's.:( I've tried all i can think of like My local Honda dealer, Dave silvers, wemoto all balls various bearing suppliers but no joy. But i am...
  5. RD04 suspension linkage failure African Queens

    Africa Twin
    Cleaning up a few bits whilst i'm waiting for a replacement rear shock, i thought i'd clean up and re grease my AQ linkage and this is what i found :o : I'm waiting to hear back from African Queens to see what they say. They only give a 2 year warranty on their stuff, but i think...
  6. Varadero Rear Shocker Cr#p Deflector

    Bodgers Corner
    Whilst greasing up the rear suspension bearings, I thought I’d have a go at knocking up a little Cr#p deflector for the rear shock absorber. Using the little rubber flappy thing that hangs over the rear tank mounting mountings! as my starting point, I got a suitable bit of plastic sheet, 3...
  7. XRV650 suspension bearings

    Africa Twin
    Hello, does anyone know the sizes of the bearings in the suspension linkage of the XRV650 ? I have the swing-arm bearings (via wemoto). Just need the sizes before I pull the swingarm and linkage apart.
  8. Things I think I need to do......

    and would like any comments on. :D . Its a range of ideas to set the TA up for next year, and give options as well. Things I'd like the bike to do: The full season of UK rallies, probably by trailer. Christmas and National meets. Erzberg "Konigsclasse", again probably by trailer. End to End...
  9. rear suspension bearings

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Do any of you chaps know the bearing sizes on the rear suspension linkage, so I can get them direct from the bearing manufacturer for my 2002 AT Thanks Pancho