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  1. Kat EFI

    Hey guys, I am from Sydney Australia, And own a 1982 Suzuki Katana 7/11. Noticed you have fork extensions. Am trying to fit 07 Bandit 1250 forks to my spare Kat and maybe those fork extensions might be a fit. Can you tell me what size they are and the thread pitch as well. My forks are 43mm...
  2. Alloy wheels

    Dominator / FMX
    I would like to customise my FX650 and wonder if anyone has fitted alloy 3 spoke wheels [like those on a Suzuki GS500] to their Honda. If this is a doable how complex is it or is there an easy way of fitting wheels from another bike which need little modification. Any photos would be helpful.
  3. Wanted: Africa Twin 750

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Just joined and am looking for a late Africa Twin 750, looking for something nice. Not after a project as i have them already. Im in Doncaster area. Current bikes - 97 Honda Valkyrie 1500 77 Honda GL1000 (naked goldwing) 57 AJS 350 76 Suzuki Beamish 250 59 Excelsior 150 52 Motobecane Ive...
  4. Suzuki muffler on my RD07a

    Africa Twin
    My bike already had a Remus Revolution muffler. Nice and light, but also perhaps a bit too noisey even with the db killer. Seeing that the DR 650 crowd seemed to have experimented with GSXR / Hayabusa muffler with great success, I decided to to try something. Fit a Suzuki SV1000 muffler on my...
  5. Dreaded RFVC cracked heads

    I am so eager to buy a good old 1988 XL600LM (1987 last year production), and I found several, but what keeps me from handing the cash is the dreaded cracked heads that RFVC motors seem to suffer from. And strangely, nobody knows the exact cause. Could be bad quality of oil. Could be starting...
  6. RD03 Backfiring on deceleration

    Africa Twin
    I've recently purchased an rd03 which is in nice condition (67000kms in theory!), but it backfires when off the throttle - not badly, more a tinkling pop pop with the odd loud crack. I suspect this could be down to the Suzuki exhaust can that has been bodged on, but maybe it could be the sign...
  7. For Sale: Suzuki do 1000 gt k8

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2008 gt lots of extras full luggage 27.500 miles good condition would take cheaper bike in p/ex all books spare keys etc :thumbup: £3850
  8. For Sale: Suzuki DR 600 service manual

    For Sale / Wanted
    Original suzuki service manual. 20£ + postage.
  9. For Sale: DR 350 *Great Condition*

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  10. Chain tensioning tool

    Africa Twin
    Just seen this Motorcycle Chain Tension Setting Tool Suzuki Kawasaki Suzuki Honda KTM Arai | eBay Do you reckon they are any good,never seen one before.
  11. Rekluse clutch on 450 EXC

    Everything Orange - KTM
    H i I just purchased a lightly used 2003 KTM EXC I don't know if the R designation was put on these bikes but on the clutch cover it says KTM racing. It came with a Rekluse clutch (not installed) but complete and correct for this bike. I had one of these on my last MX bike a Honda 450. BTW I...
  12. Swap: Swap; Suzuki TL1000s. For an NX650 Dommie.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I love my TL but all my riding is around town and it's just frustrating! Im looking to buy a big traily so I thought Id put the offer out there. !998 TL1000s. -Ohlins rear shock. -K-Tech fork internals. -Yoshi pipes -steering damper -new battery. -C&S 500 miles ago. -Long MOT The paintwork...
  13. SWAP? Suzuki TL1000s for NX650

    Dominator / FMX
    I have a 98 Suzuki TL1000s. It's a great bike but because almost all my journeys are around town I just don't get the most out of it and was thinking of selling and buying a big trailey. It is in good condition and has 8 months MOT left on it. Other mods include; Ohlins rear shock (cost £400)...
  14. pe/xl hybrid

    just picked up a suzuki pe 175 with a xl250 s motor fitted,runs ace but need a bit more poke.i know the xl/xr 250/500 twinshock motors are the same size so i could slot a xr 500 twinshock motor in but i have a chance of a 1981 xr 500 r motor anybody know if the first year r models( monoshock)...
  15. RD04 - Benneton colours on A465 Abergavenny

    Was it you I was shouting at while we were waiting in the roadworks? I was on my Suzuki DR650 :toothy10:
  16. NW Posse outing 1st March

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a brilliant ride out today considering the weather would have taken more pics but cold on hands but we made it out with Paul S on his first outing with his Suzuki drz 400 Austin , Foz1969 and myself at Dunsop Bridge all over Bowland and ended up at Settle. Just made it back before Snow lol
  17. eBay: Heavy duty hand guards (Cycra Probends without the logo)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Black Universal 7/8" Hand Brush Guards For Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati | eBay These are awesome and a great fit for the AT. They also look the dogs jewels, and they will only set you back $35 (+ a little for shipping). Possibly even cheaper on AliExpress. Add some stickers while...
  18. suzuki fx 650

    Product Reviews
    hello all. i need suzuki fx650 fork/front shock and i wonder if there is some other alternative or any of u know if there is other fork what can fit on my fx650
  19. Broken r/h mirror,master cylinder repair mod

    Knocked my 2000 model varadero over in garage whilst fully loaded for a camping trip , (too heavy to stop)and broke off the right mirror from the brake master cylinder, Broke half of the threaded hole that the mirror screws into off. New master cylinder £172 plus 20% uk tax. Found that the...
  20. Lunch time...Xmas.....ebay.......

    bad combination! Not sure I can have a second bike but could I please ask some learned friends opinions on this yoke....? Anyone close enough to be able to have a look...? suzuki dr 650 adventure bike | eBay I don't know anything about these bikes and this is just a on a whim...... Thank you