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  1. Swapped over today.

    My friend has just traded his Hornet in for a Tenere XT 660 with all the luggage and goodies on as hes taking 3 months off work to do an Eastern euro tour.What can I say we swapped over bikes for about twenty miles and I was really impressed with the Yam,not vibey at all and really comfortable...
  2. Spark Plug access - any tips?

    Okay - so this was difficult so i thought I would check with "old hands" for tips. I've read a couple of threads saying the OEM plug tool is the right thing to use. Well, I have it in the kit with the bike and I found it OK for getting the plug out - just - it is a challenge to get it under...
  3. What next Mr. H ?

    Having owned and ridden motorcycles for over 45 years, many of which have carried the Honda marque I find it difficult to understand why Honda have called it time on the Alp and Vara.Having looked through their catalogue I can honestly say that theres not a bike in their range that I really...
  4. rd04/07 headlight bulb upgrade?

    Africa Twin
    ok, so rd04 italian import 2 x 35watt h4 bulbs, (uk model 55w) would i be frying something other than bacon if i swapped to the 55w bulbs?
  5. carb/head rubbers, difference? 04/07a

    Africa Twin
    yep looked on honda, according to the fiche there's a difference in price, so there probably is a difference. But was wondering if anyone had changed/swapped them, runs well? anyone seen rd07a patent parts on ebay or ...
  6. One indicator

    Africa Twin
    Only one indicator and it's full on at the front, rather than flashing, on the left side. Swapped bulbs at the rear so know it's not the bulb. All wires seem connected. Pulled relay and cleaned connections. Surely if the relay goes neither side works?
  7. RD04 stolen bike latest. Electrics!!!

    Africa Twin
    ok, so melted wires traced back to good, replaced & double heatshrunk. found the same 2 wires coming from the fuse-box also damaged. So, fusebox swapped but the diode previously blown (temp replaced with fuse). An orig ignition fitted. Connected the battery, turned key, NO LIGHTS ON THE...
  8. RD04 solenoid wiring

    Africa Twin
    Stolen bike back home, so, whilst waiting for a new ignition, i decided to put on the original starter solenoid. checked how the wires went, then had a peep on here. Said the wires could be swapped.... but after wiring it as pictured, smoke started coming from inside the cockpit. Part strip...
  9. Dommie fork length???

    Dominator / FMX
    Howdy Can someone please tell me the fully extended fork length of dommie? I swapped mine for some fancy ones and forgot to measure my old ones before I parted ways with them. I need to know if I've gained much length that needs rectifying. Thanks in advance Tomo
  10. Turbo Lag!

    Mechanical Advice
    ok so it's not turbo lag but that's what it feels like! I just got back from a week end trip to the vosges & whilst there, going up the grand Ballon d'alsace in the hairpins the bike developed a bizarre fault. I could do with some help trying to pin it down before I either spend huge amounts...
  11. tatty 03 alp, 42k

    What's it worth?
    Hi guys Time to sell. Problem is I have no idea what she's worth as I was planning to run her til she popped, but decided to get a new toy before that (because otherwise I'd still be riding her in 10 years!). Mechanically sound but has frame damage (pics below). Been very well used off road...
  12. Talon Wheels

    Hi All Has anyone put a set of Talon wheels off another bike onto a Honda XR, if so which ones did you use, talking to Talon they say that their wheels are made for a specific bike and can't be swapped, but I have read about people doing it, not a problem making my own spacers etc, just...
  13. Pyrenees 2013 - Spanish Cornering Skills School

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last year we did this:- This thread has pictures that have not loaded but some have. I have placed a ride report over on ABR and all the pictures are in that thread:-...
  14. Xl 125 1984 problem!

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum after having enough with this old XL! About 12 years ago it was started up warmed and driven about 2 miles then all of a sudden just died, got it home no spark, my dad is an electritian (his bike) stripped it and tested everything , everythinh cheaked out and...
  15. Comparisons?

    I have 2 AT's - a '97 and a '00. Now I know my '00 has got a few extras on it - centre stand, taller windshield, panniers (light, plastic toolboes not heavy alloys), plastic topbox, heated grips, bagster cover, altered seat (thank god for that) and maybe a couple of other small alterations -...
  16. speedo cable confusion

    Africa Twin
    speedo cable snapped couple weeks ago on dumbo, so swapped with project bike until 1 came through post couple days later. Trouble was the new one was 12" longer.... eh? straight swap onto dumbo. Had it out with dealer, now i find on ebay there are 2 lengths... 38" & 50" with year models mixed...
  17. Sold: Transalp 600 with *full* adventure kit. Absolutely everything you need for £1000

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    *NOW SOLD* Transalp 600 with *full* adventure kit. My wife was right, three Hondas is too many and it's sad to say it but my faithful Transalp is never getting ridden. I thought I'd post here to see if it can go to a good home as a job lot. I have put together a special XRV package with...
  18. Austins Adventures - wind, rain, the Scottish Isles, whisky & rough ferry crossings!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Austins Adventures - wind, rain, the Scottish Isles, whisky & rough ferry crossings!! What an Adventure! I set off last Monday (24/9), the plan was to meet Paul (Bimbler) mid morning for a nice steady run through the Dales & Dumfries & Galloway & stay on his boat Monday evening in...
  19. 2 ignitions and 2 charging systems

    Well that was an interesting day.Today I swapped 2 ignitions and 2 charging systems. The second ignition was planned, as was the first charging system. First ignition was 10 miles from home on my way to the boxertoko guys, on the hard shoulder in morning rush hour. Lovely these old bikes, all...
  20. CDI issue on XRV750L 1990 Africa twin

    Africa Twin
    I bought a Japanese import Africa Twin twin model XRV 750L for a great price with 36,000 klms on the clock in United Arab Emirates. It started really easily and the engine sounded really sweet when I bought it. I have done under 10 klms on the bike and this issue has occurred. I am planning to...