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  1. total rebuild probs at 45mph

    hi guys me and my son have just rebuilt a xl125rf 1985 from gearbox up timing is spot on / but i cant get above 45mph as she starts cutting out / engine sounds sweet untill then / we rewired her about a year ago so all that is fine / just took off the exhaust and cleaned it out / but we have run...
  2. Givi wingrack and exhaust

    Anyone have any knowledge that aftermarket exhaust will fit on a 650 TA that has givi's finest wingrack fitted. stripped the exhaust off today as the tailpipe is blowing quite a lot at the usual bottom spot so Im in 2 minds. Either fanny it up ,have a couple of spot welds done ,get a new gasket...
  3. Sweet, swift justice!!

    I couldn't help but smile :grin: What a fair cop... we could do with him in the UK please!! BBC News - Motorbike robbery at gunpoint caught on camera
  4. Sweet !

    I was never one for shorts (shots), that is until i began going to the Nationals and fell in with the likes of Lowflyer, Francis Geoff and Eammon. Anyhoo, Meself and PhilW would meet at Hirwaun and begin our rideouts past Penderyn Distillery, of which i would make a comment to my wife about...
  5. French trip - Wheels and waves 2014

    Love the look of this biking get together in Biarritz in France. Loooks like a gorgeous gathering of retro vintrage bikes , cool mofos and beer in a sweet location. I might have to put it in the diary for next year. Southsiders present: Wheels & Waves - second edition on Vimeo...
  6. What a Peach.

    I've always thought the WR 250 was miles better than the 450 for relaxed usable riding. Today I rode my mates 450 and directly after rode the Honda XR250 R-2, this one - what a contrast,what suspension,what a bike ! I'd say this bike is a better bike for Trails/green lanes than any other...
  7. summer project 1990 rd04. powder coating advice

    Africa Twin
    bought the girl, picking her up next week : ) so... engines coming out for a fettle, the frame looked solid but rusty in places. thinking of powder coating. advice on leaving the bolts in all the holes, replacing most afterwards or leaving them out and retapping them after coating? Other...
  8. Ain't nobody got time for that...

    Americans :laughing7: :laughing8: :laughing9: :laughing1: :laughing6: Sweet Brown: No time for bronchitis. - YouTube
  9. So was it just the battery ?

    Africa Twin
    Would appreciate ya thoughts.. @t would,nt start, would fire with full choke but not run....did the basic the haynes/workshop manual. Pulled the tank off...checked with multi meter across TPS...slighty high resistance (8k as opposed to max of 5), could,nt get a reading when...
  10. 600 Transalps are awesome

    Africa Twin
    Seeing as we only has a mm of snow at the weekend I played garage tetrus at the weekend and shuffled the Transalp into the ‘sort it’ space. I acquired the RD03 on the premise that I would let the transalp go so need to get it sorted No battery on it as I borrowed it last year for one of the...
  11. Nw200 2012

    Anybody on here planning on going out for this event this year, i've never been road racing so a few of us are going out for it booked it all up today and had my holiday ok'd from work so everything is looking very sweet at the moment.
  12. any network experts here

    I've been given an Asus EEEPC x101 as a lovely pressie its one of those really easy plug & play instant on-line jobbies... It shows up on my router it says it has connection but I cant access sweet FA through the browser Dont know how to change my settings & it must be being stopped by my...
  13. Setting a Mikuni VM22 carb

    Mechanical Advice
    The lads little Chinese 125 starts on the button every time but when on choke the revs rise and fall ranging between 4000 revs and almost dying (occasionally doing so) in 2-4 second intervals. He has got into the habit of hitting the button and riding of as it pretty much wont idle till warmed...
  14. Sweet Jesus. This is about as bad as it gets for me...

    Horrific footage shows two-year-old girl run over TWICE as dozens of people ignore her lying stricken on the road in China | Mail Online I have seen some bad videos in my time but this one, for me anyway, takes the bicuit. How the fek can someone knowingly hit a 2 year old then drive off. not...
  15. Anyone fancy buyin an Estonian built bike? Before you say no, read on...

    ... because I have just sat on the prototype from Renard Motorcycles, a newly established bike designer company! It is sex on wheels with carbon galore, and a sweet Moto Guzzi lump as the stressed member!! It has a very short wheelbase and weighs in at about 180kg. I want one!! Now... how...
  16. My once sweet Kawasaki KLR 650

    Well this is what 18 months of ownership by my son does for my once sweet Kawasaki KLR 650 YouTube - KLR650 Engine Knackered
  17. Sweet noises from the Past

    I was taken out this afternoon by the Missus and Sprog 2 and we went down to Ironbridge to have a cuppa and a bun, very nice it was too. I was quite surprised at quite how many bikes were gathered there by the 'bridge, mainly ridden by old dudes... like me, so a smattering of big tourers, the...
  18. Sweet Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    (No it's not mine, but I wish,,,)
  19. bloody sweet looking green RD07

    bombing through burnt mills trading estate basildon today at around 1pm:cool::cool::cool: you were wearing a HiVi vest blasted past me in the blue transit with SER on the front:D nice bike whoever you are:headbang:
  20. How sweet and precious life can feel......

    How sweet and precious life can feel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the title starts to say,how sweet and precious life...and health...can feel, when you think you`ve been faced by your own mortality. What am I on about,you may think...