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  1. Undersea discovery

    Snorkel swimming at Rdum il-Qawwi, Malta, on 19/8/2014. In about 20 feet depth of clear mediterranean sea, saw this recently dumped fridge ... Well away from the rocky shore, it must have been dropped there by a boat. EffineffininSavages !
  2. Seventh Welsh Invasion Saturday Rides

    Welsh Invasion
    Apparently two of our number have a personal challenge on to go swimming in the sea on Saturday!!! So Saturdays ride out will be to see these two idiots carry out their challenge. It's a nice ride up to Whitesands bay near St Davids. If anyone has a problem with this let me know. Weather...
  3. Going swimming

    Yamaha DT125 - to byla gleboka kaluza - YouTube
  4. swimming

    Mini XRVs
    How many of u absolutely love swimming??? I do, I swim 3 days a week, Monday Mornings 6 to 7, Wednesdays 7to 8 and Fridays 6 to 7. But now I'm starting school swimming so it's turned to 4 days a week!!! I absolutely love swimming and train for galas and one day I want to be an olympic...
  5. Sweating & swimming in the Swartland South Africa

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We met at the Whinelands 1 Sotp at 08:00, where we filled tanks and Nicky led us to the Slent road where we found that the little thatched structure had been moved. I had caused a minor stir as I was suddenly not accounted for as I stopped to get a few pelicans to pose for a pic. Not every day...