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  1. Looking for parts for a Swiss RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi all i’m in the middle of restoring a 1988 RD03 from Switzerland. looking for the square headlight cowl and a tank. both need to be in good condition and not in need of painting. I already have both parts but the bike has been given a crazy paint colour so it might cost me more to restore what...
  2. Been Away

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, I've been living in Thailand for the last 14 years and just recently returned to the UK, but still making regular trips back to Thailand whenever I get the opportunity. How long I'm going to stay is anybody's guess and at the moment I'm looking around for an XRV750, I have my eye on...
  3. Replacement CDI.

    I am having problems finding a replacement CDI for my sons bike. Its a 1986 Yamaha DT125 LC3. Model 35A/2AJ IHR. Its a Swiss model that has 22bhp so the standard LC1 or LC2 models are different. His bike has been sat in my living room for several months while he changed the tyres and brakes and...
  4. Africa Twin Meet, Switzerland, 01 October 2016

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all I know it's on quite short notice but since there are some Swiss (Based) XRV'ers in this forum I post it anyway. Honda Switzerland has organised an Africa Twin Meet in Aeschi (some km's from Spiez/Interlaken) on 01 October 2016. See the link to the official flyer for more details...
  5. Balancing Carbs

    Africa Twin
    I've Had my Rdo7 coming on 3 years and have never touched it as runs like a swiss watch, The fuelling is nigh on perfect I would say for carbs. But is it possible to get an absolute linear tick over or am I being too anal as it is very slightly uneven?
  6. For Sale: Steel Braided Brake Hose

    For Sale / Wanted
    These front brake hoses have been part of the Boano Sachs 48mm USD Fork Kit which I bought for a 1998 RD07a. Since I was forced to use another brand (Swiss MOT Regulation again :(:(:() I now want to sell the ones that came with the fork kit. 35Eu + postage. PM me if you're interested. If...
  7. For Sale: 1991 xrv750 rd04

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, when I relocated from Switzerland back to the UK last Year I brought my trusty old Africa Twin with me. Unfortunately some things changed and I simply have no time space and use for it any longer. I never got around to get it MOT'd and registered over here, so it is still on a Swiss...
  8. RD07 Headlight Cowl Holder in German

    Hi folks, Any good german speakers.. german members, austrian members, swiss members... how do I search for a Headlight Cowl Holder in German ebay (the subframe that holds the headlight assembly) ?? There are about a million xrv 750 parts so would like to filter if possible :) Many thanks in...
  9. I found a new toy to play with.

    I found a Yamaha DT125LC YPVS Type 35E for sale. This model bike was made for the Swiss market and it has 22 bhp as standard so it should be fun if I buy it. The european model only has around 12bhp. The guy didnt get his reserve price on ebay so I contacted him to make an offer and I am...
  10. Swiss MOT stories

    Africa Twin
    I'm keen to hear from anyone with tales of getting their AT through a Swiss MOT, especially if it's got some non-standard bits. Mine passed second go - failing first time for having a nearly new, with EU road-legal cert, Arrow Paris-Dakar exhaust. I've heard from another Swiss AT'er who returns...
  11. swiss RD03

    Africa Twin
    swiss RD03 (now with photos) it turns out that the 03 i'm possibly looking at on monday is a swiss model with square lights.i remember searching on this forum that they are restricted (?) at the carb rubbers. its low mileage 32k kms, unused for 8 yrs,probably cant hear it running unless i...
  12. Swiss vignetta

    From the 1st of February the Swiss motor way vignetta ( motor way tax) is increasing from €34 to €40 Ian
  13. RD03 Vacuum Pistons hole diameter

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I have a Africa Twin RD03 that is verry dear to me. Since the begining I have lived with the impresion that it is not pulling as it should and today I have discovered that in fact it is a restricted swiss model. The last owner hase removed and replaced with normal parts the rubber...
  14. Wiring Diagram needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I am looking for - a wiring diagram for a RD07a Y-model (the complete VIN would be JH2 RD0 7D2 YM41 0105). It's a swiss AT, i.e. low and high beam are each using both lights. - some graphics or photographs that show how all the cables are routed correctly around that multifinger antlers...
  15. Spot the alpentwin

    Africa Twin Thought I would post this as there is a very interesting use of the front end of an RD04 :happy6:
  16. confusion over nx650 cdi unit numbers

    Dominator / FMX
    Is there a link I can look at to see what the numbers on the reverse of my cdi unit mean How many combinations of CI 554 are there? CI554 2.1 241 CI554 3.N 021 Any help in clarification would help, I have been reading about Swiss CDI's being different ( I know I should get out...
  17. Swiss Army Storm Cookers..

    Product Reviews
    Something the well travelled AT owner could use ?? Don't know where else to put this post other than in reviews.. Lightweight , simple , old fashioned and does the job..water hot enough for a brew in 5 minutes..comes with a couple of pots, frying pan and seperate handle. Uses pink spirit to...
  18. Journalistic licence

    When does journalistic licence become total b*ll*cks? The reason I ask is that I came across some total nonsense when doing some Googling about for my AT camshaft details thread*. I was actually looking to see if I could find a power/torque curve for the Honda VT750 Shadow as it shares a...
  19. New here

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am a new here at the forum. I am german but live in Cyprus. I recently made my childhood dream of almost 20 years ago a reality. Driving through the swiss mountains age 14, with my family, a group of motorbikes passed us on the way up. We later stopped at the same parking on top of...
  20. swiss alps

    Guys, Ad like to do a wee trip to the Swiss Alps, as ave always wanted tae do that. can anyone recommend any good roads , how many miles, how much fur Gas, how many miles fae Scotland. an has anyone done this or any similar jaunts... and anyone done this trip before... am lookin to do it some...