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  1. question about the SWmotech crashbars.

    How much of the bike did you have to disassemble to mount the 2 parts (one on each side of the bike) shown in the picture here? I took all the plastic of the bike but did not have any room to mount the due to a lot of cables and what I think is the engine cooler (don't know I its correct in...
  2. Centerstand, original or SwMotech or what?

    Africa Twin
    I have poor Riky Cross product now in use. It drops springs evry couple thousand kms, is hard to get on and construction is overall weak. And it partly attaches same bolt as bashplate.. not good and I`m just done with that s**t. Last trip it even dropped one attachment of springs. Wich one...
  3. Question for those RD04 owners who have fitted SWmotech crash bars?

    Africa Twin
    I was cleaning the bike yesterday and noticed that at full lock, either way the uppermost bolts on the crash bar fixing fouled the brake lines at the lower triple clamp, where they go from metal to rubber. The only way I could get round this was to remove the two brackets (one each side) and...
  4. Adjustable footrests from SW-Motech available

    Africa Twin
    FYIO: Found on : Beitrag anzeigen - Verstellbare Fußrasten Versatile footrest upgrade that attaches to original footrest mount. Made out of high-grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel with removable rubber padds (reduces vibration transmission). The massive...
  5. SW-Motech Crash/Engine bars and fog lights

    This question was around a while ago and for those wanting both the SW-Motech Engine Bars and the Honda fog lights do go together. My mechanic said that the lights had to go one first and then be loosened to allow the bars to seat behind. It's all a little close but it seems to work :)
  6. For Sale: transalp 700 sw-motech engine bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sw-Motech engine bars for transalp 700 , for sale, still wrapped up ( not fitted),for details, mark 01618652147, or 07966 225050 or p-m me.
  7. sw-motech crashbars

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just fitted a set of motech bars to ny XL700 but the RH fitting lug has zero clearance between it and the exhaust downpipe when torqued up. If used I can imagine considerable friction and maybe overtime a hole developing. The only way round it (as far as I can see) it to totally remove the...
  8. SW-Motech Racks?????

    Africa Twin
    What sort of panniers do people have with their SW-Motech Racks? I'm thinking of getting ARDcases (I'd prefer metal boxes or really tough plastic ones e.g. pelicans), but I'd be really interested to here what other people do? I've uploaded some photos. My racks sit tight above the exhaust...
  9. SW-Motech Evo brackets - Honda TransAlp

    Does anyone have any experience of fitting the SW-Motech Evo-Carrier quick release pannier brackets to a TA 650?? I just bought some off Fleabay and apart from the bozo not sending all the bolts and electrical extensions, I can't work out how you are supposed to transfer and mount the rear...
  10. For Sale: SW-Motech Pannier Racks for AT RD07A - reduced

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just taken the above racks off my 1999 AT (am getting Touratechs), so they're up for sale. All parts included, naturally (even with an attempt at English translation) and are the racks I wrote the Wiki entry about. More photos here New price is £165, so I'm putting these up for £120...
  11. SW-Motech bags

    Mechanical Advice
    What do yez think about these then, especially the Speedpack ? Has anyone any experience ? I'm thinking they've nearly an ideal jobbie - they've more capacity than my Zegas and yet are much narrower, miles better when filtering. Plus they'd be nice n flexible in a crash. The only downside...

    Africa Twin
    I know this will have been done before but carnt find it anywhere :confused: Do SW-MOTECH do crash bars for a RD 03 1988 650 @ Or is there another make that bolts to the frame apart from Touratech :confused: Help please :thumbright: Thanks Simon
  13. sw-motech

    Africa Twin
    anybody no if i can order a set of crash bars from auk dealer to avoid going outside UK
  14. Problems fitting sw-motech crash bars

    Has anyone fitted sw-motech crashbars? I bought a set for my 99TA 600 from (fantastic service - ordered Monday night, delivered Wednesday lunchtime). I tried to fit the bars this morning, it all looked very straight forward. The left hand bar went on OK, bolted it to the footrest...
  15. Quick-Lock tankbags by SW-Motech

    Africa Twin
    It looks like SW-Motech do a Quick-Lock adaptor for RD07's: It seems as though only their Daily, Touring and Sport bags can fit this adapter on the AT (see PDF instructions). However, only their Daypack is shown, and are they...
  16. Sw-motech side racks good for off-road use??

    Africa Twin
    Hi My name's Gonçalo and I'm a Honda's XRV 750 Africa Twin owner (RD07). I use it for everyday commuting and occasional off-road trips on weekends and holidays. Me and a group of friends take our big trails off the beaten path in Portugal and Africa. (check I usually use...
  17. More SW-Motech: Caveman strikes again

    Africa Twin
    Gosh, this is turning into the 'SW-Motech pannier system' forum. I just completed a very wet 120-mile round trip to Paul Cave who supplied and fitted the SW-Motech/Alpos combination at two days' notice. Paul had prepared everything in advance and it only took two cups of tea to fit, even...
  18. SW-Motech Quick Lock Frames and Panniers

    Africa Twin
    I took a gamble and ordered these. Look like top kit now I've fitted it. Nice and firm (!) only had to grind a little bit out of the right side to fit round my quite high Remus exhaust. Frames literally attach and come off in a minute, and as you can see, whats left hardly alters the looks...
  19. SW-Motech bars crash tested

    Africa Twin
    A couple of weeks back I was off to a training course in Harlow (I know, I know) and was just coming off the M11 at Junction 7. As I get on the slip road there was no traffic in front of me but the lights at the top were red so I eased off the throttle and began coasting up the slip road in the...