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  1. Best tool for getting at the carb sync screw?

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone recommend the best tool to use to get at the carb sync screw, as its underneath the carbs?
  2. About to sync the carbs ... What about the mixture screws???

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads I've made a carb sync setup, and is almost ready to go: - tubes with some oil in. - Fabricated the nipples to attach the tubes (can' get them here) - Cleaned the K&N air filter. - Located the sync screw, and fabricated an angle screwdriver Now I see the idle mixture screws (?) on the...
  3. out of sync

    Africa Twin
    HI I have a RD04 92 @, with a brand new engine in. The problem is balancing my carbs. I can balance one at 0.3 bar but the other is 0.2 bar. When i try to turn the screw to balance them, its always about 0.1 bar out, but if i set my idle screw to 3000 rpms they level out abit I have...