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  1. Africa Twin
    Just a quick question i have fitted my LED indicators ,i have gone through the hazzard warning light syndrome ,bought a LED compatable flaher relay ,to find the indicators only work when i remove the dash light (indicator),so i bought a small t5 LED bulb for the dash display now the dash...
  2. XL
    I definitely want to buy a 650 LM. The only problem is that at around 50,000km, and often even less less, they all suffer from the cracked head syndrome. What are the options? Does Honda sells updated heads? Any other Honda engine will fit in replacement of the 600cc lump? Has a company found...
  3. Transalp
    Anybody had any experience with any of the universal type silencers for 650 Transalp? Specific versions are extortionate but pattern universal seem one fifth of the price... Not interested in performance but a bit more bark for when filtering might be nice to avoid the SMIDSY syndrome... Regards
  4. Chatter
    You couldn't make it up? :confused: :hitler: :D Poor people still clinging to life, warns Iain Duncan Smith
  5. Chatter
    :D have covered 60,000 miles together with not a single glitch its one of those things i own that never see's me go through the bigger better faster more syndrome:D long may it continue to give me good service:thumbright:
  6. Chatter
    Anyone else suffer from this :rolleyes: BAF(bored as F**K) syndrome manifests itself with the sufferer committing acts of extreme childishness and Mischief. I suffer badly with this(apart from the fact I have the attention span of a dead goldfish!!) and my collegues often bear the brunt of...
  7. Dominator / FMX
    Hi! I have a problem with my dommie wich is not the "traffic light stall" (had that one but was fixed) this one happens when i`m riding at any speed and the engine shuts itself down and the rpm clock goes to zero, it`s like when you hit the stop button while riding, with the bike on neutral it...
  8. Africa Twin
    As many of you will have noticed the mighty AT sometimes has rather McVities-like alloy on the front brake calipers. As you might have seen, there is a debate on about what causes this and how widespread it is. I'm following an earlier thread and...