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  1. Safety and Security for Driving

    While the driving public may not have used dashboard camera systems in the past, that could change in the near future as drivers become more aware of the potential benefits. If you get into an accident or have another issue on the road, a dash cam may provide proof of what actually happened and...
  2. car odb2 scanner recommendation

    car obd2 scanner recommendation I am looking for advice on what car obd2 scanner to buy without breaking the bank. I have a very basic one that does next to nothing but want to get one that covers all vehicles systems inc abs. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Ian.
  3. XR125 L7 arrow exhaust systems

    Good evening all I am finding it difficult to find a replacement Arrow exhaust system for the XR 125 L7. Is there a difference between the 2004-2006 version,this being the closest year I can find? Is this an improvement over the stock system? Cheers:thumbup:
  4. For Sale: Pair Of Wintec A80 Radios

    For Sale / Wanted
  5. Exhaust XL600

    My trusty old 1999 XL600V still has its original exhaust, which now has as much coming out of the sides as the rear. I'd appreciate opinions/advice as to what to fit as a replacement system. The bike is fitted with a Givi Monolock pannier idea whether this restricts fitting on some...
  6. New type of go anywhere AT!

    Haven't posted for a long time, due to being on the dark side, but I'm planning to be back to the flying wing side shortly;) Advanced Tactics Unveils the AT Transformer: The Future of Roadable VTOL Aircraft and Modular Cargo Systems | sUAS News :toothy10:
  7. Anyone bought one of these GPR s/s full systems?

    Africa Twin
    Thinking of replacing the pipework and exhaust. Anyone bought one of these and have any insight to give? Honda XRV750 Africa Twin Exhaust Full system in stainless steel by GPR | eBay John
  8. exhaust info ?

    Africa Twin
    hi all i am new to the forum so here goes my first post i am in the middle of building a project bike in which i am using a 750 africa twin engine (rd07) in a nt 650 bros chassis i am looking for some exhaust info are there any full systems avaliable for the africa twin only one i could...
  9. Q: Who sells SuperTrap in the UK?

    Looking for a company that distributes/sells SuperTrap exhaust systems. So far I only managed to locate delars that sells system for cars, or Harleys. But I'm looking for this: SuperTrapp SuperLight Stainless Series Slip-On for BMW F650S, F800GS and R1200GS.MOV - YouTube the new supertrap...
  10. ebay

    Everything Orange - KTM
    quite like the look of this, don't like the price though. 2006 KTM 525 XC DESERT ORANGE RALLY BIKE. FULL MECCA SYSTEMS KIT + EXTRAS EXC | eBay
  11. Blue Flame Exhaust systems?

    Anyone of you fellows uses them? I am as you might guess interested in this one:
  12. For Sale: braking systems cr / crf crfx rear wavey disc , used good 03 to 2011

    For Sale / Wanted
    braking systems rear wavey disc , off an 2007 crf450 good used condition pic to follow had a quick look on the net and think it fits 2001 on wards cr and crf big bike 2 and 4 stroke models so £30 for the disc , and £5 postage to uk mainland postcodes email me on a price for anywhere else ,,,
  13. Communication systems

    Mechanical Advice
    Recently back into biking with a new TA (very pleased). My wife is really into it which is great and want to do some short touring. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced communication system (rider/pillion). How easy to use? How easy to connect with battery etc? OR any general advice...
  14. Exhaust systems?

    Hi Guys, I have a 98 TA which I use to commute the 15 miles each way to work each day for the entire year save a few weeks around Chrimbo (to miss the p**sed up idiots with their steamed up windows!!!). Anyway, the problem is this: The salt on the road has slowly done it's work and the exhaust...
  15. ingtercom systems

    OK might be wrong place for this but i am looking for a reasonably cheap (but not s***)intercom system to connect and charge my phone from while riding and listening to music. Has anyone looked at or used the oxford bike mike 4 as this looks like it might be ok. Would love to go for a starcom...
  16. On-Board camera systems

    Hi Just a quick note to anybody interested in on-board mini bullet video cameras for recording just what you get up to in your spare time. This is our new website If you get time then please check out our dogcam and dogcam pro range. There is plenty of info on the...