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  1. For Sale: Honda vfr800 FiY k&n power commander & o2 sensor eliminators

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda vfr800 2000 FiY k&n power commander & o2 sensor eliminators I have a k&n power commander and o2 sensor eliminators which were fitted to my honda vfr800 FiY year 2000 model bike and may fit others. I think it fits the 2001 non-vtec model but you would need to check. The k&n reference kit...
  2. Biggles is back

    Other Honda
    Hi all, I have made a return, not with an A/T or a T/A this time with a the new NC750X one photo below more to come as bits get fitted. Only 400 miles on it so far but early view is it's a very capable underated bike returning 80mpg at the moment. So lookout for a Kent/Sussex ride soon...
  3. Legal / Illegal Headlight protectors - question ??

    I fitted the perspex headlight protector to the Tiger because I heard a replacement headlight assembly was about £500 !!!!. The protector states on it "for offroad use only". Now , my question is - is this an advisory statement or a legal one ? I'm figuring it as advisory because of the back...
  4. 98 T/A sell complete or break?

    What's it worth?
    i may be buying another T/A as i have found a potential bargain buy. so what to do with the bike i have now? it has no M.O.T. or tax now and will need a new back wheel and pair of tires,and soon i would think the front wheel will need a rebuild as well. so do i try to sell it complete or would i...
  5. T/A 650 main stand

    Hi all , I need help ! i have just bought a second hand Main stand for my 650 transalp it has two springs and the main bolt ,before i start skinning my knuckles trying to fit it has anyone got some tips ? I await in hope:( can i take this opportunity to wish every one a super Christmas
  6. 1996 t/a 600 value ?????

    What's it worth?
    i have decided that i miss my 96 vfr750 too much and i am looing for a little help in valuing my t/a . 1996 62000 kms about 38000 miles . sweet as a nut . recent service 10 months mot and tax . new front disc and rebuilt caliper , new rear disc and caliper . recent standard full exhaust . new...
  7. plastic fairings ? 600 t/a

    anyone know what the fairings on a 96 t/a are made from ??? are they abs or some other plastic ? i have a couple of cracks but dont want the expense of plastic welding . any help appreciated
  8. t/a 600 fairing fasteners

    my alp is missing a few of the honda rubber grommet/thread insert type fastenings . anyone have a bunch spare or can you get them from anywhere else than honda ?? cheers
  9. 600 t/a front brake disc

    ok so i bought a bit of a dog ! best place for fornt disc ?? ( cheapest ) any help appreciated thanks
  10. cheapest aftermarket exhaust ?? 600 t/a

    can anyone reccommend a cheap aftermarket exhaust please ?
  11. Desperate for front plastics for 91 T/A

    Following a serious fire need some replacements for my 91 T/A 600V can anyone help please?? Looking for cockpit and screen, r/h fairing and front mudguard. colour and condition unimportant. Cheers.
  12. T/A plug change? easy!!

    well not too bad,certainly not the skinned knuckle swearfest i was expecting. this is the way i did it:-do the two "tricky" plugs first,you will then find as i did that some people dont! i did the front left plug first thinking it would be most difficult. lucky for me my bike has lost the mesh...
  13. one year of T/A owning. happy happy happy

    yep one year since i went by train to Crawley and rode back to Bridport on my 600. and it was the best buy i have made for a while. its also a year since i found this website. yippee!!
  14. seats sizes..A/T OR T/A

    ;)Hi all can any one tell me if the A/T seat has more room than the T/A,as two up riding can be a bit on the cosy side on my T/A.any advice greatfully recieved.Thanks Grahame..
  15. TBM this month,new T/A tested

    and they give it a good(sensible) write-up. none of this 125mph twitchy steering/windblast tosh! my typing is too slow and i am too tired to write more but TBM like it for what it is and even say it copes off road.
  16. Hello folks, new T/A addict

    Hello folks, new to the site. Found it today while mucking about at work (shhh!) Been looking for a UK TA site for ages! I've got a 2002 T/A, silver (better than black - doesn't show the dirt quite so much) Used all year round for commuting, days out and 2 up touring. I've done 10,000...
  17. Change gearing of T/A 650

    Hello there, I am a newbie to this forum. I want to know if any of you have geared down your T/A 650 bikes by adding larger back sprockets when you renew your chain and sprocket sets. I have always felt the T/A is slightly too high geared and am thinking of increasing the back sprocket from 48...