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ta 700

  1. tyres

    Hi Guys & girls, what are the widest tyres i can safely fit on my TA 700 !!
  2. coolant tube o ring

    Hi all, my TA 700 as a coolant drip, from the tube between the cylinders, as anyone got any tips on changing the O rings !!
  3. TA 700 endcan wanted or does the 650 fit?

    As it says really, anyone got an aftermarket 700 endcan or do the 650 ones fit the same?
  4. Advice needed re: TA 700 suspension

    I find the TA 700 suspension rather firm. I feel every single little bump in the road. Can anyone offer any advice on replacing the rear shock etc? Thanks
  5. Does anyone need a Genuine TA 700 Workshop manual?

    If so, send me your email address.
  6. Will a TA 600 centre stand fit a TA 700?

    The mounting points look very similar Has anyone tried fitting a 600 centre-stand to a 700?
  7. How much warranty do you get on a Transalp 700?

    I've planning to buy a 2012 TA 700 with 1,000 miles on it. Do you think there would be any Honda warranty left on it?
  8. TA 700 shares footpegs with?

    Hey guys, Been looking for a way to lower my footpegs on the TA 700, searched all over for a while and have stumbled on a few good choices. But what I'm really wondering is, which other models does the TA 700 share footpegs with? It could really widen the ebay search to know which, if any...
  9. good battery please

    have just get my self a exide battery for my ta 700 read the review on it and will be taking it back any that come reccomended thanks richie
  10. ta 700 givi pannier rails wanted

    looking for ta 700 givi pannier rails think they are the same ones for all the years the givi pl203 thanks richie
  11. For Sale: mra ajustable screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    just taken this screen of my ta 700 09 it fits all 700,s looking for £65 that including p+p please pm [email protected]
  12. T/a 700 k&n air filter

    Thinking of sticking a k&n filter on my ta 700 , anyone else fitted one ? i allready have a fuel exhaust fitted so will changeing the filter affect it much ? cheers mick
  13. Wanted: Mate possibly looking for a TA 700

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    what can he expect to find for about 3/3.5 K....? Any help appreciated!
  14. Greetings from sunny Fife

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Greetings from sunny Fife, at the moment anyway. Hi guys, bought me a new TA 700 last September, thought I'd better say hello. Seems to be more activity here than on the .org site (think there all hibernating) so look forward to some good banter/chat whatever. Derek
  15. Alternative pannier set on TA 700 bracing?

    I have an original top box and 2 panniers from Honda for my TA 700 but for a potential holiday I am looking for a bigger pannier set that I can click on the original Honda bracing without having to replace the entire bracing system. Does such a thing even exist?