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  1. Speedo vs rev counter question

    I have recently purchased a 1984 XLX250R & on my first ride today I am unsure if the speedo or tacho are reading correctly at 80klmh the tacho reads around 7k it seems to be quite high the gearing is 14--40 & I read std gearing is 13--38 which is not too far away can someone give me an idea of...
  2. 2004 Honda CB1300 speedo tacho and digital display playing up

    Other Bikes
    Hi, would really appreciate your help with my 2004 Honda CB1300 My bike clocks started playing up and stopped working. bike starts all good and all led lights on the clocks work but not the speedo , tacho , digital display and digital clock.Normally when you turn the ignition on , everything...
  3. 1994 Transalp Tacho wont exceed 1500rpm

    New here so hello to all :thumbright: I just bought a 1994 Transalp 600 ,and have been fixing a few age related issues. One issue I still have is that although the bike runs fine the tacho does not go past 1500rpm. I saw posts on other sites (after a google search for tacho issues) where...
  4. RD03 foam panel cockpit

    Africa Twin
    To restore my xrv 650 I was thinking to change my current foam panels around speedo and tacho with new ones.... I tried to do my owns with caoutchouc foam, It's not bad but not as good as brand new one... so i was thinking to buy the one from rd04/07 and do some adjustment... anyone already...
  5. Wanted: Honda xl250rc camshaft

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi im after a camshaft for a 1983 xl250rc, must have the pin to drive rpm tacho or atleast the hole to put in my own pin. i have lots of spares and 2 working bottom ends with numbers electrics etc etc. contact me cheers ken
  6. Wrong (too low) tacho reading

    Africa Twin
    Hi! It seems my tacho is showing the RPM wrong. When idling at ~1000rpm, the tacho stays at 0 and just vibrates slightly. As soon as I open the throttle it moves upwards quickly, but doesn't catch up properly until around 4-5000 rpm. Any ideas what may be causing this? I think it's always been...
  7. 650 into 600

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Does anyone know if a 650 tacho will work on a 1999 600?
  8. Tacho question

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, My tachos stopped working and I was wondering where to start looking? All fuses seem to be fine and no obvious cable breakage.
  9. Rd 03 cdi question

    Africa Twin
    After having to take a walk with my @ rd03 it turns out one of the cdi's is iffy. More specifically the one that signals the pump and tacho. So i purchased a replacement (the argentinian one that's readily available). It now turns out that this one doesn't power the pump either (note the old...
  10. Suspect ICU

    Mechanical Advice
    The tacho on my RD04 won't read higher than 3500-4000 rpm,irrespective of speed. Everything else works fine and dandy. I've checked the wiring for any breaks - non visible. So,as suggested some time ago by a forgotten forum member (apologies to whoever that was) the ICU may be the fault. I...
  11. XL 600R Tacho Cable

    Hi Folks I have an oil leak from where the tacho cable enters the cyclinder head cover, I was wondering if there should be a rubber O ring os something? Anyone any ideas? Cheers in advance
  12. Tacho problem

    Africa Twin
    Hey all, I have found fault with my tachometer, 2 components are burned, one is easy to change and have an extra, the other is something of a problem because it is burned, and when it does change the colors on the so you can not see what it really should be, one can not match up to it because...
  13. RD03/04 Dashboard Bulbs?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Does anyone know the type of bulbs required for the dashboard instruments ? I'm referring to the speedo, tacho and temp gauge. Cheers
  14. Newbie, with no tacho, need help

    Africa Twin
    Howdy folks, I've just bought an AT -RD04, from a friend who has had it garaged for a couple of years, we charged the battery up and it started first time, so I thought 'that's the very fellow for me', and bought it there and then. It passed the MOT today no probs and no advisories, so far I've...
  15. Speedo / Tacho assembly

    Dominator / FMX
    For anyone that's interested, David Silver Spares have a new, complete, speedo / tacho assembly in MPH for £49 on their Specials page. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  16. trailtech vapor tacho fix

    Africa Twin
    Ok now the part you all really care about... The tach.... The answer is quite simple... Noise, Yes signals from other plug/ devises (fan blinkers ext.) are interfering with the tach reading because the wires are exposed. I used a two conductor (One black one red wire) Shielded wire to fix this...
  17. Tacho fix

    Africa Twin
    A friend belonging to another site of similar bike, found a great repair for a tachometer that has suffered an overheat. The regulator/rectifier blew on the RD04 and blew the headlights and boiled the battery as well as frying the Tacho. It only worked up to 3.5 - 4000 rpm, no more no matter...
  18. Replacement tacho

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Ok, dreaded electrical problem questions... know there's a couple of lecky genius's here... grovel, grovel... Am hoping somebody might know if a Tacho from a 2000 @ will fit on a 1990 L ... and work. Has anyone tried tacho's or instrument clusters on other bikes? The inside part is...
  19. Unusual tacho problem... can anybody help?

    Here I am, back to the base... :D Sorry but I have been very very busy these days. A while ago I posted about my "lazy" tachometer but got very few replies. The problem (well, it's more of a nuisance) hasn't gone away since so I'll go over it again. Bike is a 1988 XL600VJ (Italian specs) I...
  20. Tacho trouble....

    Africa Twin
    After an incredibly difficult 3 weeks in Morocco durring the worse rains they've seen for over 40 years, including a small stint upside down in a river and 2 km drive through 1meter deep water (pictures to follow) I have a problem with my tacho - apparently I can do 90 mph at 3000 rpm. The old...