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  1. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale - 2000 Model NX650 Dominator - Recently re-commissioned with new gel battery, Rear Shock, Front & Rear Brakes serviced with new braided lines, and pads - Continental Twinduro Tyres, and Arrow alloy rear tailpipe - Datatagged - Fully serviced and ready to go - £1500.00 O.N.O.................
  2. Africa Twin
    Had some long standing issues with my XRV750 (RD07A). Thrown quite a few bits at it, taken it all apart and back together again, and it's not helped, looking for some ideas. Replaced: Carb Rubbers Plugs Plug Leads/Caps New fuel Fuel Filter Checked: Exhaust not leaking (tested by putting...
  3. Transalp
    Anyone have any knowledge that aftermarket exhaust will fit on a 650 TA that has givi's finest wingrack fitted. stripped the exhaust off today as the tailpipe is blowing quite a lot at the usual bottom spot so Im in 2 minds. Either fanny it up ,have a couple of spot welds done ,get a new gasket...
  4. XL
    Bit cheeky this I know, but I've got a two years old but unused Marving silencer for an XL600R for sale on ebay. Honda XL600R exhaust silencer muffler tailpipe, Marving | eBay XL600R only: wont fit LM/F or RM/G models. Bought off Italian ebay a couple of years ago, and last week offered up to...
  5. Africa Twin
    Has anyone got a good condition rear pipe they dont need
  6. XL
    Anyone fitted a Marving tailpipe to an XL600RM or LM. If so, any feedback please?
  7. Africa Twin
    What's the best type of paint out there which I can use to give the tailpipe a new lease of life. It need to be heat and water proof. I've tried hammerite but it just flakes off. I've tried heat proof enamel but water finds its way through. Arrgh help. I want to keep the standard pipe on there...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Sadly selling my beloved AT, have owned for just over a year. this is a quick post will update with more info later Tax and MOT...runs great...few scrapes and dinks cosmetically but sound runner...great sounding arrow tailpipe...facet fuel pump..two brand new tyres only seen road twice very...
  9. XR
    hello just wondered if anyone knows where to get hold of a standard tailpipe for a xr 400 they seem rare mines been modded by previous owners and is unfixable any help would be appriciated cheers Jimmy
  10. XR
    This might be of some interest to someone Ebay item 270576591420.
  11. Africa Twin
    hi guys. where can i get a tailpipe exhaust clamp from mine it rusty and the nut and bolt have worried that if i try and undo it it may snap the bolt.i need a spare just in case
  12. Transalp
    I bought this ratty TA600 a few months ago and the chrome on the exhausts had started rusting really badly. I had a piece of stainless steel tube which I had been using to make induction kits and whaddaya know, it slipped over the the old chrome perfectly. I slash cut two pieces, polished them...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    If have an FMF Megamax pipe fitted to my XR 400 at the moment but its a little loud for my liking anyone got an exhaust they would be willing to swop or part ex?
1-13 of 13 Results