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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a rear hub or wheel for an XR250R ME08 1996-2004. It will need to be shipped to Taiwan. Sadly I'm not aware which other XR hubs might be compatible with this model. Thanks and cheers, Chris
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi, just wanted to share this short clip showing a bit of Taiwan's scenery, of course riding a Africa Twin PS: Watch it in 720p60 HD Cheers, Chris
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi, today my left rear indicator just broke off, i guess due to aged rubber.... I got replacement but how is this bloody thing installed, do I have to disassemble the complete tail section? I found a plastic cover that contains the indicators connections but how to fiddle the cables thru...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi, Is there any information about this can? This one is supposed to be for an Africa Twin. It's currently up for sale here in Taiwan. The brand is popular on road bikes, like RC45's ...
  5. Africa Twin
    Rugged Roads crash bars Hi, I just got my RR crash bars and attached them loosely. Is there any specific order in which to tighten the bolts and nuts? Thanks & cheers, Chris
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi, Wondering if this fork for a XR650L can fit on my AT? Can get it for a good price, and they are brand new....anybody any experience?
  7. Chatter
    CCM GP450, light, plush-but-capable suspension, optional hard luggage, BMW-designed engine (built in Taiwan), only 40 bhp but can be derestricted to 52 bhp. Seems a tad expensive, but if it works... Due out later this year: Video: CCM GP450 Adventure - | Motorcycle News | New Motorbikes |...
  8. Africa Twin
    Bought these off ebay, came from Taiwan but dirt cheap & seem good quality. Motorcycle LED Lighting 780LM 12V 24V Cree x2 Farkle My Ride Advrider Tiger 1050 | eBay Havent ridden in the dark yet, But they are definately brighter than the headlamps & will get me seen hopefully!
  9. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, There are only 6 legal AT in Taiwan since 2003 and luckily to be one of them and unfortunately there is only I can communicate with guys by English here. Good Luck and Have Fun !!! Michael
1-9 of 9 Results