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  1. anymore takers for sat owls nest llandovery

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    any more takes for this sat/morning 9.30 food then off for a spin :rolleyes:
  2. ride outs mid/south wales any takers

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    new to the forum could not go to the camping weekend but always out and about please pm me if your up for a days rideing :thumbup:
  3. For Sale: IXON "Thinsulate" Middleweight Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    Here for sale I have a pair of IXON " Thinsulate " female motorcycle gloves, size Medium. They are middleweight gloves, not too thickly padded but warm enought for autumn/spring. Although they are sold as female gloves, I see no reason why they can't be worn by males. They are in very good...
  4. For Sale: Buffalo "Thinsulate" Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm clearing out a load of old bike gear that I never wear and have come across these: A pair of Buffalo "Thinsulate" winter gauntlets, size Medium according to the label, although in my opinion the fit is more like a size Large. They are in fair condition, no crash damage to the gloves...
  5. Thetford forest ride Feb 18th. Any takers??

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    Meet here 11am search results for 586632,279185 If anyone wants to come please send me an email or PM malkmus13(at) thanks
  6. Anyone here interested Norfolk/Thetford green lane riding?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am based in Norwich and I am looking for people who are interested in green lane riding in Norfolk/Suffolk and particulary Thetford forest area. Any takers?
  7. Free: Anybody want free front disc pads

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought 2 sets of front pads for my RD07 and got sent ones that I think fit an RD04. I had to fit them to get the bike to/from/through MOT so they've done about 4 miles of light braking. They fit into the calipers but are too short in height, only covering about 3/4 of the disc. And of course...
  8. Anyone know Python programming?

    A long shot, I know. :D I wrote a short python program a while ago to download data over a serial link and it worked fine under Python 2.6.5, but doesn't want to play under 2.7. More specifically, I test for available COM ports and then request which one to use. Under Python 2.7, the test for...
  9. What? No rugby thread?

    Now then, who's going through to the final? England getting beaten by France - who'd have put money on that? Wales beating Ireland. Cracking game and probably the game of the tournament. Australia beating South Africa - didn't see the game but from the low score, might have missed a good 'un...
  10. Swap: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm 1998

    For Sale / Wanted
    A mate of mine is offering his 1998 VTR 1000 Firestorm for a swap with a Vara, any takers? I'll get more info if there is.
  11. Galloway Forest Stickers

    Austin's Adventures
    Update 18th May Don't forget to send me details of your address either as a note on the Paypal payment or via email or PM Payment wise please either. Send the money as a Paypal gift as that way it minimises the charges as there is practically no margin here. Please send the payment to boris @...
  12. bike 1st aid course.....

    following on from Snaphappy's dont touch the injured biker thread one of the ex army guys who used to work for my firm now has his own training company and he teaches first aid, he also rides bikes.... If we could get enough interest, I can supply a venue, he could carry out the 1 day course...
  13. Free: Baglux Trail tank bag for Bagster tank covers

    For Sale / Wanted
    There was a thread at the start of the year about tank bags and I posted in it that I had a damaged one avaliable for free. I also remember that someone expressed an interest. Unfortunatly just after that, the forum went tits up, and now I cannot find that original thread. So here is that...
  14. For Sale: E21 Givi Panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    I mentioned these last year, but no takers. Probably the price as I'm not desperate, but having just ordered a mainstand for my KLE..... Anyhoo, Grey E21 Givi Panniers. (Let's call them silver, sounds more expensive :) ) Absolutely pristine and as brand new Spare keys Now the hard part, £60, no...
  15. For Sale: Purple oxford soft panniers!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello I have a set of oxford soft panniers that have been used once or twice and are in pretty good nick they have a zip off section missing but other than that are in A1 condition! I think these retail for about £100 new so would be looking for about £40 and postage! if no takers will lob...
  16. For Sale: Honda XL600LMF

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    [/URL][/IMG]I have had my XL on ebay a few times and had a lot of interest but no takers. I will be starting a rebuild in a couple of weeks time and will keep it, if it does not sell this time (that is the reason I bought it really). It has 9 month T & T and shows 48000 miles on the speedo, but...
  17. Dambusters

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dambusters tour - open invite - spring bank holiday I'm hosting a Dambusters tour next Spring Bank Holiday.... The basic shake down is meet up at the Bever camping site near Hückeswagen on the outskirts of Germany's main industry area and from there visit the Dams that were targeted during Op...
  18. Why the Scotch or something else ride???

    The Longest Day
    Just a very quick thought. how about a ride from London to Scotland and back again (in a day) Perhaps from the ACE to a distillery? see if we can get a decent bottle of scotch donated (perhaps 50yr old Glenfiddich or Glenmorangie) then run it back to London for an auction? No ferries...
  19. Why 5 Capitals (not the same as last year)

    The Longest Day
    Ok, Bear with me 5 capitals. London (England) Paris (France) Berne (Switzerland) Luxembourge City (Luxembourge) Brussels (Belgium) 1056 Miles, 17 3/4 Hours riding We can use the tunnel going out, and it leaves us all in Belgium at the end which is a good starting point for anyone wanting...
  20. urgent-paint code

    paint code for 1984 XL600R in white..... any takers?