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  1. Swap: Africa Twin Bash Plate for one for a Varadero SD01

    XRV Swap Shop
    Have an Africa Twin bash plate. was going to retro fit to a Varadero SD01 but think that is beyond my limited talents So swap for a Varadero plate, Touratech or homemade
  2. appolagies

    Sorry for not keeping uptodate on the forum for the last few months. Life has served me a couple of curved balls, some real mind benders. Problem not solved but got my head round it. So I can't wait to meet the usual crowd, over a few beers, and a camp fire, it should be an entertaining 10...
  3. There and back again. A tale of 2 tall Hobbits

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So far so gut. Arrived in Passau at the hotel now so will update later. We only had one minor "Panier incident":rolleyes::toothy10:
  4. XR400 takes on the Hafren rally in Wales

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last weekend me and my little XR400 took on the Hafren Rally in Wales... It was great fun and due to some very talented photographers I got some nice shots so that i could create a little collage... Superb day out! And I came top half of my class:toothy8:
  5. Stella Run? Euro Ride? Honeymoon?? You decide!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Have started a trip report over on the other place, for those that might be interested in my little tale . . . . . Steve T :cool:
  6. are RD07 rear calipers all interchangeable?

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if a 1995 rear caliper would fit a 2001 (RD07a, XRV750Y)? I'm pretty certain all variants of the RD07 have the same front calipers, but now I think about it I'm not sure about the rear! (I won't bother you all with my sorry tale of sheared off bleed nipple, but to be honest the rear...
  7. I Suppose You've All Seen This But I Hadn't, so....

    ....just in case. A friend linked this onto my FB page... Hard to decide what art is.....but sometimes you just know. An emotive piece....real talent. Britains Got Talent - Shadow Theatre Act - 2013 [HQ] - YouTube
  8. is there no end to Vades talents

  9. More Prat-Navery

    ANother tale of blindly (pun intended) following the Prat-Nav - Sat-nav mix up leaves pupils in Towyn not Tywyn. Still, it was only 80 miles from where they should have been. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  10. Franco Uncini

    someone may be old enough to remember this.....I certainly remember watching it live on TV back home. Franco lived to tell the tale but I guess he was a very lucky man..... Franco Uncini Accident - YouTube
  11. The evening's festivities

    National Meets
    The Saturday night was spent by most in the bar listening to Jacqueslemac's band and admiring the dancing abilities of the gentlemen of xrv. First the talent The man himself Of course no cabaret would be complete without the professional dance troupe And the Roly...
  12. WHITNEY HOUSTON the first thread

    Guess most people have heard that she's dead now, probably an overdose. Whats people's views on it? personally i always loved a lot of her early work but gradually she went down hill. Things probably got worse when she met Bobby Brown but they seemed like peas in a pod. I have no time for drug...
  13. Talented, or what?

    Look at this picture. ] Quite nice you may think, a bit retro and quaint................................but if I tell you that this picture is of a pencil drawing done by a local lad you might understand the title of this post. I have seen a lot of the stuff this guy does, and it's 'kin...
  14. Nessie gets dropped again - but lives to tell the tale

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK, OK, I admit...I dropped her again :rolleyes:. This time, parked up in a car park, forgetting which side to dismount :confused::rolleyes:. Actually, it was a week or two ago, but have had little time for forum surfing, let alone posting. Took some time out from work to go for a ride to...
  15. Humble Pie: A tale of two tyres...

    Contrary to what my pride is screaming at me, I feel obliged to tell you my poignant story. I'll let the jury decide if I'm an utter plum or not...;) This is particularly relevant to any members who read or posted ont this thread. Basically, I ordered a pair of BT45s for my Transalp. I went...
  16. cautionary tale

    Today I got a new back tyre fitted to TA700 the bike is 13months. The chain has been well oiled/adjusted by me but this only involves loosening rear spindle nut and turning adjustors. Last night it took me over an hour to get spindle out It was stuck/seized solid. I needed to hammer a long bolt...
  17. A Tale of two switches

    Africa Twin
    Hello peeps. Two switch related things today. First up, my rear brake light switch seems to have packed up. Not a massive shock, given the bikes age. Is this a part that I should order through the local honda dealer, or is there anywhere online to order a cheaper and/or better one? Secondly...
  18. swarf in exhast - tale of woe

    Mechanical Advice
    :fish: Hi, A sad tale of a broken exhaust heat guard screw, so drill out and re tap -- then tap breaks off in thread - ooo drat I said. The only way I got it out was to break it up bit by bit. In the end it got pushed right through into down pipe. I now have a number of bit of broken metal...
  19. Another tale of starting/stalling woe....

    Dominator / FMX
    Been having some strange starting issues with my '89 dom... Since I bought this a month or so ago I've had some strange experiences with starting and stalling. When starting I have just been getting a clicking engine turn over, so I've been starting it with the kick (20-30 kicks...
  20. A Traveller's Tale.. Ranulph Fiennes? or just Meesh and Belinda?

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Come share in a Traveller's Tale....The Adventures of Ranulph Fiennes.... or simply - a day out with Belinda and Meesh! 10-01-2009 Saturday morning.. got up eagerly with a new adventure in mind.... off to Swindon on my borrowed Steed (CBR600F, that I've decided to call Belinda). Why is this an...