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  1. Dommie silencers

    Dominator / FMX
    One of my silencers is blowing, actually the pipe work just behind the join to the right-hand can. So if any of you Dommie choppers/street trackers / customisers is long on a standard silencer or two - talk to me. 2000 RD08 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Burn baby burn

    Burn baby burn - regulator? Dear all I have an issue where the wired connection between the stator and regulator/rectifier on my XL650 Transalp has torched itself. The damage means that quite a lot of the original cable will need to be replaced. What I would like help with is around how best...
  3. Torque talk.

    Its that time of year again when my thoughts turn to servicing my bikes for spring.:cool::cool::cool: I need to get my hands on a decent torque wrench because my head needs seeing to.:D:D:D I have only done a couple of hundred miles on my Dommie since I fitted a Wiseco piston and replaced my...
  4. XRV750 starter motor bearings anywhere?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, there has been some talk about starter motor repairs earlier, but I couldn't find a good (reasonably priced) source for the starter motor bearings in Europe. The US repair kit is still available, but to me it seems a bit pricey (200+ USD), and I don't need all the parts supplied with it...
  5. Africa Twin Wikipedia page about to be deleted...

    Africa Twin
    So back in 2006, I created an Africa Twin Wikipedia page. Now in 2016, it's been nominated for "speedy deletion". LOL... And Wikipedia foundation wonder why nobody wants to donate money to their joke organisation..... [TABLE="width: 600"] [TR]...
  6. Skinflint heated jacket

    Bodgers Corner
    Jesus wept, talk about not seeing the wood for the trees..... I've been looking for a heated jacket type of thing & figured there must be a cheaper way than the ~£150 bespoke stuff. Take one of these; A few of these; Can you see where this is going..... End up with this; It works an...
  7. RD04 lifespan - will it ever die?

    Africa Twin
    All this talk of the new CRF1000 has got me wondering how long my RD04 might last - it's 25 years old! If I can get another 10 years out of it I might be able to afford a second-hand CRF...maybe. It's got "only" 52000km on the clock (which might be genuine) so on mileage alone it'll do another...
  8. For Sale: 2007 (57) Transalp XL650 V6 for Sale (Fully Loaded)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well it's come time to go up a couple of years and replace 'Trinnie the Trannie' Just bought a 2011 700. Hope she's gonna be as good!! I've put as much as I can on her now and loved every minute of owning her. Never given a problem, always flown through the MOT, well serviced and fully cleaned...
  9. Clutch cable snap warning.

    Just a note of advise as I was very very lucky. Got a 2009 XL 700 transalp, 20 k miles on it. Always well maintained. Out for a ride to Chester on Saturday (with the missus) 100 mile round trip, when in slow traffic, I felt a slight 'click, when I used the clutch. About 5 mins later, I felt the...
  10. Talk me out of it!

    Africa Twin
    There's a lovely 2004 ducati multistrada 1000 for sale here for very handy money, I'm very tempted by it to be honest. I know if I sell the twin I'll regret it so can you help me out by dissuading me?
  11. Oil Strainer in Frame?

    Dominator / FMX
    On the XR650 forums they talk of cleaning the oil strainer in the bottom of the frame tank. I can't see any mention of it on the microfiche - is there one on the vigor / SLR?
  12. The Countrymen Rally (replacement for the BOIL for 2015) 7th-10th May Alston Cumbria

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Paul at Takoda had to cancel this year's Boil Rally at short notice but thanks to Danny at Haggs Bank we are putting on a replacement for the BOIL Danny's establishment is Haggs Bank Bunkhouse near Alston in Cumbria CA9 3LH. Website: I've organised this over on ABR but folks on...
  13. For Sale: Rider to pillion and rider to rider Intercom

    For Sale / Wanted
    Rider to pillion and rider to rider Intercom For rider to pillion communication. Wife wanted to talk to me while riding. We’re now divorced, so surplus to requirements. Only used once. £10 posted in the UK For rider to rider communication. All bits pictured. Only used once...
  14. Is this the same as a mosfet rectifier?

    Africa Twin
    Came across this on eBay, says MOSFET technology but is this just baloney bulls#it sales talk? EBay item number 231417747029 Here's a link to their website
  15. Free to a good home

    I sold my '94 Cagiva Elefant E750 earlier this year and disposed of various tools and spares at the same time. An eBay buyer has failed to arrange collection of four items he has paid for and as it is now more than 90 days since the transaction eBay says I can dispose of them as I see fit...
  16. Swap: Tasty Bandit

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well I got my need for a bit of speed pretty quick so wandering if anyone wants a go, I'd be interested in something like the following Xl600v Deauville DR 350 XT 600 Bit of a range I know, but hey ho. Picture of my bike in the chatter section called talk me out of it (something like that, will...
  17. Talk me in or out of it!

    Well after me up and coming annual flit over the bridge and blast around S.Wales I'm toying with moving my Bandit on! I fancy something I've not had before and currently thinking of either: Honda Dullville and an older DR350, and yes I know two very different tools for different jobs (and prob...
  18. National Meet 2014

    Just a little reminder that our National get together is as usual the second weekend of September . The details you will find over on the "Big Trailie" website where most social events get discussed. The reason why its being discussed on "BT" is cause this has turned into a mainly Tech info site...
  19. Red Loctite and assembly lube??

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi lads! When people talk about Red Loctite, which one are they referring to? I see about 20 different numbers at henkel's website ... I guess what I'm asking is, which Loctites would I need for an full rebuild and for general work on a motorcycle? Also, I saw a video about rebuilding an...
  20. For Sale: XL250R - RFVC - Frame with V5. - poss. as rolling chassis... Somerset.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all. I have a XL250R frame for sale, in Somerset. It's a bit scruffy, but v. solid. Great to use straight, or to paint/powdercoat. It is at the moment a rolling chassis, but I'm wanting to use the front end for another project. If anyone is interested in it as a roller (inc. Brakes, tank...