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  1. Africa Twin
    I've looked for differences between RD03 my but I haven't found anything. I'm not talking about differences between countries, but differences between a 1988 RD03 and a 1989 RD03. From what I've seen, the 1989 RD03 doesn't have grese nipples on the rear swing arm and the front hub is...
  2. Africa Twin
    Really made myself look a plonker today (yea, more than usual). Talking to a friend and he was saying about the RD01, RD02, and I thought to myself, "Hang on", RD03 was the first version and said so. "I have an RD01 he says, its a shaft drive. The RD02 was the Dominator". "Never realised this...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Parked the bike this morning at a friends house. As we were talking inside, we heard their 11 yr old niece screaming. We run out and my bike's on its side with her hobbling and screaming. Turns out she tried to climb on it, opposite the sidestand and it fell in her. Dommies are lightweight but...
  4. Transalp
    Has anyone ever made/bought/bodged a custom front fairing mount for the transalp 600? I am talking about the bit at the front to hold the nose cone and lights on! I am considering trying to make one out of aluminum
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Meesh, Here is a link to the bike I was talking about at the Invasion. Suzuki DR650 DR 2014 Import From USA Full Power | eBay
  6. Africa Twin
    We have a tiny little upholsterers in Ross, and I got talking to Terry who works there and asked if they could do a bike seat. Not bad for fifty quid, he said he would rather not refoam it but leave it as original. No complaints here. He would rather not have his details posted all over the...
  7. Off Topic Lounge (not mine but in case anyone is on the look out for one) 3K but mileage and accessories make it sound like a fair price...?
  8. XR
    Hi All Has anyone put a set of Talon wheels off another bike onto a Honda XR, if so which ones did you use, talking to Talon they say that their wheels are made for a specific bike and can't be swapped, but I have read about people doing it, not a problem making my own spacers etc, just...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone give me a clue please? mechanic says my 04 is running lean on the front plug on one pot, plug is very white. talking about up-jetting the carb? My skills are nill so I will pass the thread on so he can see it. Thanks in advance Ivan
  10. Travel
    I'll be taking a ferry from Italy to Greece in the summer and I'm a ferry virgin as far as biking is concerned and I'm looking for some advice. When you leave your bike after boarding, do you leave all your bulky gear still on it ? I'm talking about tents and dry bags etc, not tank bags or...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Had the Varadero mot'd the other week and was talking to the tester apparently there is a new mot to come in. They want it in for 2016, as they want to bring in a European MOT (may not effect us we may not be in the EU then if Cameron has anything to do with it). Tester told me it would be more...
  12. Insurance
    For anyone out there from Holland/Netherlands, can you tell me how often a Dutch registered motorcycle needs to be inspected by the government? In the UK, this is the MOT I am talking about. In Spain, ITV, etc but I understand in some countries, motorcycles never need to be inspected. Any...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, were talking jets here, now I'm running rich on my old XJ and the pilot jets appear clear and are 1.5 turns out as per spec, now I want to try and reduce the richness of the mixture, so do I tighten them up or loosen them (told you it was basic :toothy10: )
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I just replaced the front sprocket of my AT I just bought, there was a JT installed. I installed a new OE front sprocket and a new retainer. Once both mounted, I noticed a lateral play on the front sprocket according to the output shaft. The lateral play is about 1 mm I think. I am not...
  15. Africa Twin
    Saw someone talking about a Pan European version so had a quick look and saw an AT version.JOE BAR TEAM - HONDA 750 AFRICA TWIN 1/18 scale model - LobsterDiecast
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    At last some talking out and talking sense for a change instead of going with it and not upsetting anyone. I've never understood how gay marriage or civil cermonies could become legal, but the ceremonies have. We have enough screwed up kids in this country as it is with out having to confuse...
  17. Kids Weekend
    Sorry but I don't appear to be able to find the date for the K W'12. I was sat at the back so must of been talking! What is decided / jury still out / awaiting conformation of something? Just trying to plan the SUMMER months of fun so I don't double book or forget an important event. Ok the...
  18. Travel
    It seems like Hudders and me have been talking about this trip for ages, now it seems it might actually be going to happen as just booked on the rail saver train from S-Hertogenbosch to Alessandria on 29 June 2012. On the way down to Croatia we'll be taking in the Dolomites, Slovenia and...
  19. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Yorkshire based adventure bike shop/website Adventure-Spec are hosting an evening with Austin Vince of Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa fame talking about, well erm Terra Circa and stuff. Anyway I am going coz I have listened to him before and he is very entertaining, as well being my namesake -...
  20. Off Topic Lounge
    Volume up :D It's the soundtrack to our celebration of little Vader's arrival in :blob7:
1-20 of 23 Results