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  1. Touratech Weekend 27th - 29th March

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Touratech are running another weekend event in Ystradgynlais South Wales Anyone going? How about if we put a small label on our bikes identifying who we are - last year there were lots of @ts there but I didn't know who they belonged to. I thought it was a good event for the talks and show -...
  2. Thank you

    The Longest Day
    I have received a package from Scottoiler to help us on out way for The Longest Day 2009. Nick Muddle from Scottoiler kindly donated a Universal Kit and 5 crampbusters After talks with the committee it looks like an auction is the best way forward so we can raise as much as possible for "Make...
  3. Is the AT really tough enough for off road?

    Africa Twin
    I know that people say the RD07A isn't as sharp off-road as the earlier versions - I don't really struggle with it myself but that's just me. What I am intruiged by is if the RD07A is also less tough in general. I'm happy with the capabilities, but due to the mass of it it really tries to pull...
  4. Catalytic converter

    Hi All Dont know how many of you have read July edition of Ride but it has an article on bying 2nd hand TAs. It talks of removing the Catalytic converter for more power, saves weight and improves economy,......... any one done it ???? and what are the concequences :confused: Cheers Frad
  5. My day doing the CBT

    My this my first attempt at writing a ride report :eek: I arrived with Peter yesterday morning at just after 9:00, feeling really nervous:shaking:. having gone through the initial talks and progressing to getting on the bike i found it incredibly frustrating at my inability to get to grips with...
  6. XR650R still won't run more than about 90km/h

    without shaking the front end all over the place. I'm now getting really sick of it. Someone out there talks of getting 160/170 km/h out of one! I'd be in a ditch!! Anyone understand the dark arts of suspension? Admittedly I'm a weedy 11 stone max, that 154 pounds, a little inderweight for...
  7. Overtaking

    I'm currently doing my IAM Skill for life course. I'm due my last observed ride, before my cross check and my test. I'm concerned about many things, but overtaking is worrying me. I've read the theory and those that have ridden with me will know that I don't hang around and I can overtake at...
  8. Riders Digest – Stella write up

    In this months Riders Digest, there's a write up from one of their guys who did the Stella this year. He talks of being in the queue for a medal and T Shirt and chatting to an English couple, the better half of which had only passed her test the week before....this has got to be you and Annette...
  9. So what would you like to see next year?

    Past National Meets
    I'm interested to see how you would improve things for next year so I'm going to prompt some questions to see if we can get some useful info. Good location? Same place again next year? Anything we can do to improve things? Enough loo's? Waste of money putting the two extra in that we got in...
  10. Lakes Passes Rideout - Saturday

    Past National Meets
    Lakeland Passes Rideout Saturday 8th leaving the campsite at 9.30 am (hopefully returning by 6.30 pm) It's an early start but it'll be a long day of on-road riding (approx 165 miles) with plenty of stops for leg stretches, cuppa's, grub, photo's, etc. Suitable for pillions with tight buns...
  11. Horizons Unlimited Meet 2007

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just returned from HU meet at Ripley. Had a cracking weekend :cool: I'm not going to post any pictures 'cos they're basically the same as previous years. I'm summising weather put a lot of people off (girls ;) ) which was fine by me because there was no trouble getting to the bar or into the...
  12. a major dilemna??????

    I found out a few months back an old friend from student days now has his own brewery - won awards at beer festivals and everything so its a proper job. :occasion5: Anyway, all us old students put our email heads together and plotted and schemed a major reunion at, you've guessed it, the...

    Africa Twin
    Obviously from my sig I have 2 bikes....and believe when I say that my my wife gives me reminders all the time as to.."Why do you need 2 bikes? " "We could use the $ here..or there.." She then gets the usual blank stare from me until our little talks blow over. :lol: In the end she realizes...
  14. Jeremy Clarkson....Why?

    Personally I think the chap is a motoring pleb. He's just not relevant anymore. Talks gibberish mostly and god I'm sick of that tweed jacket and jeans. What say you?
  15. Uk,Norway,Finland,Poland,Switzerland,France,Spain, Uk

    Great Roads/Routes
    Decided what the heck !! Me and my better looking half are taking time out to go visit all of our friends who have opted for the 'get foreign girlfriend/boyfriend and move abroad' option. Am planning on setting off in June/July and looking for nice routes. Not necessarily the quickest but not...
  16. Horizons meet weekend.

    What an enjoyable weekend. Hundreds turned up on all types of scoots from @,s to Harley D's. All with the same thing in common- Travel. Listening to everyones tales was brilliant, it made you realize you're not the only loony out there. Interesting to see the variety of mods. people had made to...