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  1. Wanted: Transalp 700 standard screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Want a standard transalp 700 screen...have taller Puig screen on adjustable brackets to sell. Cheers, Dave
  2. Taller back suspension

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hello. I am about to install to my rd07a a taller back suspension from a ktm. The question is: if the suspension is, lets say, 1cm taller how much taller would the back side of the bike become? Something like x3 ratio or no?
  3. This is a question for taller Transalp riders....

    I have fitted an MRA Varioscreen to the 700 as I thought this would keep rain off my visor! Unfortunately as I rode home from Brands Hatch on the Sat of the BSB end of season and it humped down! The problem quickly became apparent that the Varioscreen actually puts the spray directly onto my...
  4. Swap: Transalp 650 original screen for touring screen

    XRV Swap Shop
    Looking for a taller screen. Happy to swap for original?
  5. 600 Touring Screens

    Hi, I know this topic has been done to death but i'm after a touring screen for my 600 transalp. I'm around 5'10 with average proportions. I've done a lot of reading and the MRA screens seem to come out well, but i'm not sure if the general reviews i've read are for the touring or touring...
  6. Nine Years

    Africa Twin
    It has been nine years since our last post on the Forum. That came the night our T/Alp went to a new home as it was too tall for my wife & at the time we needed bikes we could both use as required, as we only had one car & both worked. Lot's of bikes & lots of up's & down's since then, we...
  7. Hand guards & screen

    Hello again Thanks for the help on the previous post. I am looking to fit some hand guards & a taller screen on my 650v. Is their any recomendations, or any to avoid. The hand guards are more to keep the wind off, not smash into trees. Or do I just buy a new AT? thanks trevor
  8. Wanted: Touring screen for Varadero XL1000V - like the mra x-creen touring

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just bought a 2012 XL1000VA and I need a taller touring screen. I do like the look of the MRA X-CREEN TOURING - have these just came out ? anyone got any comments on them or recommendations welcomed
  9. Wanted: Transalp 600 Tall Screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Evening All, Has anyone got a taller than standard screen to fit a 1989 Transalp 600 that they no longer need? Cheers Jon
  10. MRA X-creen Adjustable Screen - has anyone tried one?

    Has anyone tried this screen? If so, any opinons for the taller rider? It's this one: X-creen Adjustable Motorcycle Touring Screen Ref: COL57725 £120 From here: Honda XL700V Transalp 2008 Onwards Adjustable Motorcycle Touring Screens (it's NOT the "vario" screen, it's the taller one)
  11. Replacement screen for a Transalp 650

    Hi folks,I know this has been covered multiple times but looking for fresh ideas maybe, I'm 6'1" and looking for a better screen for my transalp 650,looking at the mra and the mra X screen from bike hps which is recommended for taller riders. Also considering the tall Givi screen,Puig screen...
  12. Wanted: Anyone got a higher screen, touring screen for XRV650?

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm after a taller screen for my AT XRV650. Anyone got one for sale? Or recommend one? Thanks:)
  13. Screen Screws

    Hi Guys, went to change the screen yesterday for a taller one, removed the screw covers, undid 3 screws no bother the 4th a completely different story! As ususal it's a screew that you cannot get to from the back, the lower n/s one, and no matter how much persuaion i gave it it would not come...
  14. i have a TA and am thinking of getting a Varadero so....

    how do they compare size and weight wise? is the Vara gonna be much taller than my TA600? it's got to be heavier that's something I am sure of. anyone else gone from TA to Vara and can give me any idea of the differences? there is a Vara for sale in the local bikeshop you see and I think I...
  15. Which Vario?

    Hi, Based on previous topics on screens I'm set on an MRA Vario. However which Vario option should I go for? Vario Touring Screen (screen with integrated adjustable spoiler), X-Creen or X-Creen XCTA universal add-on? I'm 178cm/5'10" bare, so with boots and helmet I guess I'm shy of 6'? I think...
  16. Feedback wanted for XL600v windscreen on ebay

    I'm looking for something taller for my '96 xl600v and noticed the following windscreen on . They are made in the UK, come in different tinted colours and measure 50 cm. So....anyone using one...
  17. MRA screens?

    HI, i've had my TA 650 for over a year now and done a lot of upgrades for trails and touring and I love the bike but the one area I'd really like to improve is the screen. I'm 6'1" and get a lot of buffeting. I tried the taller touring screen from David Silver but that made things worse! I had...
  18. How to shorten forks and WP rear shock

    Africa Twin
    Ok looking at a ktm 990 adventure rear shoch, he is checking lenght for me as he is not sure if from tock adv or the enduro height model What i want know is how do i find the shock travel on a ktm shock. also is there any way fitting a ktm adv shock and if possible how do i shorten forks make...
  19. Question - How much to raise the rear end

    Africa Twin
    OK, I have figure out what the height differance between new front end and old one is. just by pushing forks through clamps and getting faily rough idea i think the forksa are 1.5 inch longer. So if front is 1.5 taller how much do i raise the rear? Seen as shock is angled and is on a...
  20. Removing windscreen

    I've bought a taller windscreen for my 1992 PD06 Transalp (along with some other accessories). It looks like an easy job to replace the original windscreen by simply unscrewing the 4 screws and the reverse order with the new windshield. The screws don't seem to come out, though. They seem to...