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  1. XR
    Got a chance on buying a set of near new Morad Rims on Talon hubs from a mate, they were bought for his XR600, will they fit on my 00 XR 400 or what would i need to get to adapt them i.e spacers Stevie
  2. Africa Twin
    Okay so I've spoken to Talon before and we know they always say they don't make hubs for our lovely babies. Any way I thought the number of people in this forum always looking for hubs / wheels (me included) maybe they didn't realise just how sought after this would be so I sent the following...
  3. XR
    Any help appreciated as i seen bike for sale with them on it, just wanted to know what they were and how they benifit the bike?? thanks
21-23 of 23 Results