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  1. xlv750 PARTS FOR SALE

    Just noticed an advert for a load of XLV750R parts. In Switzerland but he seems to have plastics, forks, tanks, etc.
  2. New Dommie, and looking for a tank

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I have found myself a 2000 Dominator, so decided to join this forum This may have been asked before, but here goes, Has anyone used one of the reproduced/copy Honda tanks from Hong Kong on a street scrambler? They look good value for money, or would you recommend trying to get a...
  3. Moving coolant tank on RD07

    Africa Twin
    I am currently drafting auxiliary aluminum fuel tanks for my RD07. On the left side, the mosfet regulator can easily be moved inside the toolbox under the seat. What about the coolant reservoir? Has anyone found a different location? It can't be moved to where the RD03 coolant tank sits because...
  4. Transalp 600 smaller fuel tank?

    Hello, I recently bought a 1997 Transalp XL 600 V. Today I ran out of gas after ~280 km (173 mi), so I switched to reserve, and continued riding another 15 km (10 mi) before reaching a gas station. When I stopped, I switched back on to the main fuel tank, and started refueling. I was surprised...
  5. Did you ever wonder what happend to all them xr fuel tanks

    Did you ever wonder what happend to all them xr fuel tanks that came off the bikes when they put the Acerbis tanks on an sent them off to war well they was put in a lock up bulk sale of 140 of them hear should you be looking for some spare ones...
  6. Larger capacity fuel tank

    Anyone know of any companies that make larger fuel tanks for an xl1000v? Carb model. I've switched over to the varadero from an r1150gs adventure and I like the long range between refuels. I've looked into modifying the tank by altering it's shape but they look rubbish afterwards. Cheers in...
  7. SLR 650 large petrol tank

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi I will eventually put a large capacity petrol tank on my SLR and have read that a dominator tank will fit. Is this true? Does anyone know of any other tanks that fit and give a little more range? Thanks Ian
  8. For Sale: FS: Touratech/Kahedo expandable tank bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my Touratech branded Kahedo tank bag, it has a shaped semi rigid base to fit curved top tanks, a large A4 map pocket which is velcro'd do detachable, extendable by a couple of inches, has a couple of pockets & side bungees etc. It IS NOT magnetic, I've successfully attached it to the...
  9. Any XR400 owner near Telford?

    I would love to have a compare between my Brazilian 2003 NX400 and a late model XR400. Also get some knowledge/guidance on valve checks. ???? The motors are essentially the same other than the NX4 has an electric foot! Frames are I think very similar, and I would like to see if the tanks are...
  10. Hydrographics - anyone tried it or used it?

    Just thought I would start a thread on hydrographics or water printing as it is sometimes known. I won't go into much details about the process here as you can see some good videos on youtube on what it is and how it's done. Only reason I have started this thread is that I only found out about...
  11. Long range tanks for an XR

    Bodgers Corner
    This bike is for sale not far from me. Ingenious i thought.
  12. For Sale: RD04 Stubby Remus GP can and link pipe

    For Sale / Wanted
    Now on eBay After getting African Queen rear tanks for my project bike this can and link pipe no longer fits. The can has been shortened to around 290mm. No baffle fitted but I have a universal one I will include. Was going to...
  13. Custom tank for XL600v?

    Hi! Is there anybody out there that know of a custom tank that will fit on the Transalp xl600v 1996? I have stripped Down the bike and I see that the frame is really wide above the cylinders so I Guess there isn't plenty of options. I am considering doing a Scrambler build and like the look of...
  14. Large fuel tank

    Anyone know of a supplier of large fuel tanks for XR400 seen a few on Ebay going for around £190 from the states but would like to buy one from this country.
  15. Big Tanks

    Why does everybody seem to think that an adventure bike must be 1200cc weigh the same as a small car,cost more than my first house and consume large quantities of fuel.Adventure is what you personally make it, to one man its a trip to Scotland and to another its a ride across Mongolia and as far...
  16. Wanted: Honda dominator tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, Does anyone know what tanks will fit a 1995 dominator? Earlier (smaller) tanks may not as the mounting points look different. Could a tank from an xr etc be made to fit? Got a very annoying persistent weep from mine and its time to bite the bullet. If anyone has a spare tank they...
  17. Acerbiss Dominator tank.

    Dominator / FMX
    I found this for sale and the owner thinks its 20 litres. What do the markings "1032/90", mean, is that the model of bike it fits? How much should I offer him,hes had it for sale for about six months and wants £85 for it... Any weaknesses on these tanks and can I fit my plastic on it? he says it...
  18. Acerbis tank available again?

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking at the new 2013 Acerbis International catalog I saw where the 23l tank shows to be listed now for all the Dominator years. I've tried to contact Acerbis a few times by email with no response. I've also had no luck contacting a couple of Acerbis dealers in Europe. Does anyone know of an...
  19. Building a Street-tracker

    Alright.. So the time has now come for building a Street-tracker out of my XL600RM. I don't really have any special concerns regarding the build, exept for the gas tank. I want a smaller tank (XT500, XR500-ish..), but I'm not really looking for a tank that will require a lot of work to make it...
  20. Bash plate shine.

    Africa Twin
    Whats the best stuff to use on the bash plate to get it looking like a mirror. I've used this oven paste on truck fuel tanks, but their Ally. Is something like Autosol Sovol the best stuff to use? I've accuired some nice new shiney Allen bolts for the bash plate. Mine has a few missing, so got...