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  1. 2007 xr125 oil strainer cap and o ring

    HI everyone Does anyone know what size socket will fit over the oil strainer cap,please.I ve looked up the part number [5 12361-KPS-900 CAP, TAPPET ADJUSTING HOLE], but cant seem to find this detail? Thanks
  2. Servicing differences 1989 1999

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, doing an engine service on the weekend on my 1999 Dommie. I have a 1989 workshop manual, I do have the right riders book, so have tappet clearances etc. Are there any major differences to note, clearances, decompressor etc. I'm only looking at tappets, carb etc. Cheers
  3. Noisy Tappets ?

    I have Noisy tappets ? I've set them as the book says but they rattle loudly . Have i done anything wrong ? the bikes 14 years old and it has had a hard life ? And Yes I've checked the tappets again and there set right .
  4. XR400R For Sale or PX

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale or PX ,is my Honda XR400R . I bought my XR400R new from Cass Honda in September 2006 The bike as a full detailed service History,and as been serviced every 1000 mile's The bike is in perfect working condition,and is very easy to start hot or cold. I have at the moment fitted to...
  5. Please help! tickin tappets!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi! I've just picked up my first dominator but the tappets are ticking away and I would like to adjust them. Having never done them on a four stroke single can some one do me, or point me towards a step by step guide to adjusting them with clearances :thumbup:. PS, I'm not a technical numpty, I...
  6. XRV650 Maintenance Manual

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, Having just joined this site this is my first thread so I apologise if I'm covering old ground for some people, still sifting through all the old threads for info. Being one of the lucky number who own an RD03, I have spent the last 4 years trying to track down various parts and...
  7. Transalp First Service Confusion ??

    Can anyone clarify for me what the content of the first (600 mile) service on my 650 transalp 07 model, The reason that I ask is because the dealership where I purchased the bike, and who are obliged to provide the first service for free are telling me that checking the valve clearances is not...
  8. The slippery stuff

    I know this subject is worked to death but thought I would pass on what i have recently found. Having always had 4 cylinder 16 valve Honda engines that used to purr, growl and sing in that order, I was bemused and worried when i got my 05 TA a month or so ago. It basically sounded like a...
  9. Cold rattle

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all well here we go, I am totally peed off now with this rattle come knocky noise when cold. The bike was perfect when i bought it 20k 1996, no noises running perfect no probs, after about six months a rattle appeared as over night, a little like piston slap, oil was ok and bike still ran...
  10. Bike that has been sitting 5 years

    Mechanical Advice
    I've just bought a ZX6 that has a thousand miles on it and has been sat in a garage for 5 years untouched (2001 model)! Calipers have seized and chain is shagged but other than half an inch of dust it looks ok. Now, before the first fire up (hopefully) I was going to change the oil and filter...
  11. Cold Rattle

    Dominator / FMX
    :confused: Hi I am new to this so bear with me, i have a 96 dommie and it has just started to make a metalic knock when first started until engine is warm, it is more like loose tappet sound rather than knock, i cannot trace where this is coming from but sounds central of barrel, this does...
  12. what's wrong with the TA

    While we all love our TAs they are not without their faults. Now some are endearing and some are bloody annoying. This is my list in no particular order (mines a 650) and based on my experience to date..... No centre stand as standard Awkward to work on generally Fairing requires about 20...
  13. Camshaft Woes.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, been watching and reading for a while and recently decided to get a Dominator. I knew when i bought it that the tappets were noisy and assumed the worst and that it would need a cam and rockers, it does!!. I've seen that some have had regrinds etc but mine is beyond that, i've got some...
  14. Bugger, bugger, bugger!

    Finally got round to replacing Dolly's bald rear tyre this morning. Problem was I pinched the inner tube doing it:mad: So off I went to buy a new one........ which I managed to pinch and ruin as well:mad: :( :mad: Then spent 15 minutes trying to re-inflate the tyre before I realised I'd forgot...
  15. i wish i wasnt so bloody heavy handed

    Africa Twin
    putting the engine back together today:cool: new piston rings the cams and tappets sorted every things going well:cool: on the front there is a little alli fitment that takes a water hose from the front cylender to the bottom of the engine .. i stick a new o ring in it then start to fit it ,, im...
  16. Tank Off/On in less than 20 minutes!

    As those who do their own servicing/tinkering/botching have probably noticed, Haynes Book of Half Truths advises us to completely dislodge the fairing in order to remove the tank to access air filter, carbs, tappets, secret spark plugs etc. Although not a massively complicated task, it involves...
  17. top end clatter - exhaust valve

    on a 87 vh I get top end clatter on the exhaust valve, only on one cyclinder. I have adjusted the tappets & the exh valve was out, & it reduced the noise, + an oil change. However the noise is back. Get some white smoke on start up. Any ideas?
  18. Advice please...?

    Dominator / FMX
    There I was out having a pleasant run on Domi yesterday, when out of nowhere there was a nasty rattling sound (very tappety), and a reluctance to the motor, I pulled over immediately and made an external inspection around the motor, but couldn't find anything :? . So I tried running her again...
  19. service

    Africa Twin
    Got service done last week what a job to do tappets but much bad language latter all done. Bike felt like new smother,pulling stronger,great. So went for a run today and as usual my enthusiasm was more than my ability so i now have a very large dent in my once pristine sump gaurd would post...
  20. Tank Removal

    According to Haynes Book of Half-Truths, it is necessary to remove or at least displace the entire fairing, in order to remove the fuel tank. According to my owners manual, it is only necessary to remove the top and bottom screws on the fairing, and pop the lugs out of the sockets. Who is...