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  1. Torque settings for 2002 fx650y

    Dominator / FMX
    does anyone know or tell me where i could find the correct torque settings,the ones i need are as follows,the oil filter housing bolts,sump bung bolts(on frame and at the bottem),rear wheel axle,front wheel station,fork yokes and also the two allen key bolts on the head the ones that would be...
  2. Top end rebuild

    Dominator / FMX
    Due to oil starvation to the top end, I need a new cam and rockers after I ran about 200ml dry at the top end (how do you know u ntil its knackered?!?!)...wondered why the tappets needed constant adjustment!! Now very badly worn. Anyway, looks expensive so am looking at getting some used parts...
  3. For Sale: Honda xr125l

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR125L, Low mileage (8820) all old Mots to prove. 12 Months MOT (Feb 2019) Great condition, Hand Guards, Top box with High Level Brake Light. Just fully serviced including tappets adjusted. Bought to get experience for full test, cheap to run, low insurance, reliable. Not many in this...
  4. Valve clearance woes!

    I've just been checking the valve clearances on my XL700 and I've hit an issue. The rear cylinder was all okay but the front was so out that you couldn't even insert a 0.05 feeler gauge. I adjusted the valves to the right settings and checked several times that they were correct before...

    G'day everyone, I have a loud metal on metal tapping sound coming from the rocker cover on my 82xr250r, I'm sure it just the tappets needing adjusting but I thought I'd post it here anyway just incase it might be something else. The 2nd thing wrong with my xr at the moment is 5th gear, I took...
  6. 1982 XR250R Service Manual

    G'day everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has a 1982 XR250R service manual pdf of just a photo of the page/s I need, I had one not long ago but when I sold my old 81 XL500S I sold the manual with it, I need to know how to wire the headlight and adjust the tappets, when I start my XR250 you...
  7. Help please XR250 L or MD30 ?

    I have a 2004 xr250 l I think, some people have said its an MD30. its a jap import with elec start only, upside down forks and emission control crap on it. I have striped the engine to do the 279 big bore. then broke my shoulders in a bike accident so have been away from the rebuild for 3 months...
  8. The 600 Transalp Ebay/Gumtree thread...

    Closed ....The 600 Transalp Ebay/Gumtree thread... DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD. POST ON THIS ONE INSTEAD: This is the first post in a new thread of any 600s I spot on ebay and gumtree (everyone...
  9. Honda Transalp 650 service.

    Hi to all, Just joined your forum. I have just bought a 650 Transalp 0n 2001 reg. I think that it could do with a full service. Is there someone on here that's local to London/East end, that would be interested. I heard that the tappets should be checked every 8000 miles. This has done 37000...
  10. For Sale: 99 Dominator

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    99 Dominator NOW SOLD Hi All, Due to an illness we'll call 'Shack's' disease :D I am selling my Dommie. Don't need to, but cannot afford to buy another bike I've wanted for a while, which will need work doing to it. Actually, I just sometimes need to change! Well, to cover myself, it will be...
  11. For Sale: Honda Transalp 650

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Bunging this up to see how it goes. Love my Transalp but just not using it anymore, I am using my mountain bikes constantly and very little time for motorcycling at the mo. Having said that if it goes I will probably buy a cheapy Bandit/ CB just to have something in the garage if the mood takes...
  12. Varadero & the fitting of VTR Firestorm camshafts.

    Hi, Recently I have been looking into fitting VTR cams into the Varadero heads. I have been thinking of this for quite a while & here are my findings so far. Here's why. The Varadero has around 85 bhp @ the rear wheel & around 60 lb/ft torque. The VTR Firestorm has around 100 bhp @ the...
  13. Engine cuts out when stopping

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, Just started happening this morning, when coming to a stop, has happened about five times on the way to work; starts straight away on the button. But, even more of a point, I was in neutral the last time, rpm a bit high at 1400, so shouldn't have happened. Okay, last month, new air...
  14. Top end rebuild final question

    Dominator / FMX
    Well gentlemen, my engine is back together after fitting my Wiseco piston and re-furbed head and its nice to see my work bench empty for bolts and washers so all is as it should be. I have set my tappets to 10 and 12 thou after lining the T mark up like your supposed to but after I rotate my...
  15. From the Midlands to Malta to the Midlands

    I'll be off, then.
  16. XL700 Tappets

    Avoided doing the tappets on my 2011 700 at 1000 miles, & again at 8000 as I was about to embark on 5500 mile tour of Scandinavia. Bike has now done 17,000 so for piece of mind I did them today. One exhaust valve clearance on front cylinder was less than it should be, all the rest fine. An awful...
  17. For Sale: Suzuki DRZ 400 2003

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm a boxer boy, what can I say! Trying for a quick sale, so here we go. Just done the tappets and fitted three new shims. 11,000 miles. Not probably going to do any off roading here. So how about £1500. No offers unless you want to swap for a boxer!! PM me if interested. I'm looking at a couple...
  18. 600 st st st stutter

    Got a 96 600 which has an annoying stutter when cruising at 40 to 50 mpg. Starts fine , ticks over fine pulls like a train . Ive cleaned and gapped the plug, tappets etc and new fuel every couple of days. Any ideas . Daz
  19. Noisy Tappets ?

    I have Noisy tappets ? I've set them as the book says but they rattle loudly . Have i done anything wrong ? the bikes 14 years old and it has had a hard life ? And Yes I've checked the tappets again and there set right .
  20. Rough running/backfire/die PROBLEM SOLVED

    After working through the carbs and compression tests and manifold exhaust leaks the problem was solved adjusting the exhaust tappets. The manual suggest 0.12mm gap. There was hardly any play in the tappets so set them at between 0.15-0.20mm. It now idles perfectly and runs like a dream...