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  1. B*#tard Rear Exhaust Gasket Again!!

    Mine's gone again after 13 months...Has anyone got a recent contact for anyone who makes/stocks the phosphor bronze replacement jobbies please? I really don't want to be doing the job annually(assuming I don't trade it in for a new AT or something else that tickles my fancy:p)
  2. Check your starters

    Africa Twin
    Took off exhaust pipes to clean and polish them and to change valve cover gaskets which are leaking. Why not to check starter while everything is stripped I thought and here is why I saw :tard:
  3. Where have all the idiots come from?

    I went riding for a few hours today and there seem to be more idiots than normal on the road today. Does Easter bring them out from hibernation? I've seen a power ranger overtake myself and two cars in front only to have to slam on his breaks as everyone was rapidly approaching a small village...
  4. Thieving Ba$tards

    Got home tonight to discover my L200 has had its front bumper removed probably overnight last night as I did not see it this morning as it points the other way from where I get my bike out :rolleyes: I am absolutly fuming :angry4::angry4::angry4: Reported it to the Useless Lot and I've just...
  5. Swap: AT front 21" wheel for 17" wheel?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody wanna swap? I wanna tard my AT and I have a standard AT hub with a 1.65" DRZ400 rim on it with stainless spokes, decent tyre and HD inner tube. I'm also gonna strip the front end down, lose everything in favour of an enduro headlight, a couple of decent spotlights and an acewell stylee...
  6. Why do things happen in 3's ???

    Well this is how my week has gone :rolleyes: Lost my glasses on Sunday / Monday Not too bad but they were brand new :rolleyes: Went to work this morning in my L200 as I went to the back to get my tools out some scally Ba$tard has stolen my chrome trims off the rear light clusters and the...
  7. What's a Goldwing for?!

    There's a lovely red mid-70s Goldwing in Soho that I ride past from time to time and I thought I would look up the current one to see how the thing had changed. Are Honda mad, or their customers? :confused::confused: £21,600?! 25 litre tank on an 1,800 cc engine?! How's that a...
  8. How to make a better mixture ?

    Dominator / FMX
    How to make a better mixture ? - SOLVED Hello people, I'm having serious problems with my drunk dommie :tard: ! She it's the reserve (13l tank, 89'model) around 140Km (86.99miles), I remember when she do 185Km (114miles). I've taking out the carb, clean up everything twice, but i keep always...
  9. a bit of wind...

    last week the southwest of france got hit by a majour storm leaving 70% of the "landes" forest ruined & 650,000 homes without electricity for more than 48 hours. The EDF (frog lecky company) have only now just about managed to re establish power to the majority of homes. (Phil in france or...
  10. but why ?????????????

    those of you with kids will understand just what im on about:tard::tard::Dgotta love em;)
  11. Scratch Table

    Past National Meets
    Hey guys, At the HU meet (as the people that are not allergic to rain will know :D) there was scratch table... i.e. a table where you put your stuff that you do not want and are willing to give a way for free... I think i would be cool to have the same at the meet.. Is any one else interested...
  12. DAMN DOG!!!!!

    Went to bed nice and early 'cause tomorrow (today now) is a busy day at work. Just as I'm drifting off the dog starts growling........non stop. I begged and pleaded but to no avail. In & out of the cat flap barking away at the mating foxes. Eventually i get up to close the cat flap, now guess...
  13. oh my head hurts now

    I had 12 bottles of whisky in my cellar, and my wife told me to empty the contents down the sink, or else....! :shock: :( I withdrew the cork from the first bottle, and poured the contents down the sink with the exception of one glass, which I drank. 8) I extracted the cork from the...
  14. Switzerland/Sampere/Stella 2007

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Just plotting out next years Stella trip with Boboneleg. We are going to Switzerland first to do the Sustens/Furka/St Gottard/Grimsall passes (which I know)but we may stop off for a night or 2 in the Grindlewald/Interlaken (which I don't know!) area and try the Jungfrau railway. Any comments on...