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  1. Africa Twin
    So after recently buying an RD07a, I've spent a couple of weekends tarting it up... Before After
  2. Other Bikes
    I'm looking for another bike, and I wanted something a bit supermotery :shock: 8) Having said that I dont know the first thing about them :P :oops: I did a bit of reading and so far have honed in on hondas fmx650, and the suzukis drz400sm. I havent had a test ride of either yet. The...
  3. Africa Twin the side stand supposed to be?! Heheheh mine's a lovely shade of "Winter Auburn" (rust) at the moment and I wouldn't mind tarting it up back to its original loveliness. I'm presuming it's either black or silver and not colour coded to match the bikes...don't recall ever seeing a red one!
1-3 of 3 Results