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  1. For Sale: BMW 1977 R60/7 low mileage free Tax MOT

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD BMW 1977 R60/7 low mileage free Tax MOT SOLD
  2. Found: Importing a used bike from Italy to the UK

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, This is my first post on here (this might be in the wrong forum) but i am looking for some guidance / experience. As the title suggests i am looking to import a used bike from Italy. Has anyone done this before that could give me an idea of the costs and the time process of the...
  3. Need a new project

    I just spent an afternoon helping jnr polish his bike up after it passed its MOT. All he needs now is new tyres and a pair of Dunstall replica silencers which are on order...;););) His Yamaha DT 125 is also sorted so looks like i can turn my attention to finding my next project....:D:D:D...
  4. What would you do?

    I need some serious advice from you guys. My dear old 84 year old mum "oop north"called me today and offered me some money.:blob7::blob7::blob7: She is worried about some dementia tax that might come into force next week after the election and is worried about her nest egg.:(:(:( What bike would...
  5. For Sale: Pentax DA F4-5.6 ED WR50-200mm lense

    For Sale / Wanted
    I thought I would offer this up here for any Pentax aficionados A Pentax DA F4-5.6 ED WR50-200mm lens It is in great condition and the optics are perfect! Has always been stored with front and rear caps on. Comes with original box and paperwork Selling only as I am changing my system PM...
  6. In or out?

    Are you guys voting to leave Europe or stay in? I just realised that if you leave Europe,I will have to start paying 25% import tax and vat on my bike parts if I order them from blighty.:(:(:( What are you going to vote, in or out and do you believe all the bow locks the politicains are talking...
  7. Abolish road tax on all bikes petition

    Abolish road tax on all 2 wheelers petition
  8. Velocity stack

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know where I can get hold of an aluminium velocity stack/ bellmouth with an inside diameter of 55mm or 2 1/4 inch for you old school chaps. Its for sucking small children and little old ladies into my Keihin FCR-MX flatside carb. I can only find them in the states and the price...
  9. Scouse B, Stard

    Dominator / FMX
    Just a few bits n bobs and its done. Two years of my time and the Danish tax payers money and were almost ready to fire it up. Just needs a new coil (I hope) a new chainguard and then once I have got it running I have a 41 mm flatside to go on it once I figure out the set up for it...
  10. New seat.

    After many hours of surfing the net to find a seat for my project bike , I found one that I like but its a custom built seat from the US. The seat costs $225 dollars plus about $100 shipping and then Danish import tax and vat sticks about $125 on top of the bill. Do any of our members know of...
  11. Swiss vignetta

    From the 1st of February the Swiss motor way vignetta ( motor way tax) is increasing from €34 to €40 Ian
  12. Wanted: Wanted Rear Disc for AT RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    Why has nobody responded to my post? Ah!! because some idiot did not make the post (I think, at least no sign of it) I am after a rear disc for my 96 RD07 the old one is scored and I have an MOT end of January and a tax demand etc etc etc Has anybody got one that would pass an MOT. Thanks in...
  13. XR400 stator only half wound

    Is that right? I went to fire my bike up while I wait for my V5 to turn up thus tax it. Alas, It wouldn't start, and I noted a small drip of oil on the floor coming from the left cover, so off came the cover, and oil pissed out (didn't know it had a wet ignition) to reveal a hermatite gasket...
  14. US Tax

    Africa Twin
    I had been in contact with the folks at ASH Hoses (also known as Auto Silicone Hoses or APMotorstore I think) about 5 weeks ago about their silicone hose sizes and ordering from the US. They told me to register with my US address on their site so as to not be charged the VAT. I have done this...
  15. RD04 for sale

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, just testing the water here, I have a clean 1991 RD04 Africa Twin, recent MOT and tax, RWB. 33k miles, decent riding bike. I'm unsure of a price, I was hoping around £1500 but open to offers. e-mail for pics if interested. I do have a guy locally interested but unsure if he has the...
  16. Newbie with cheap Dominator.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I think I have been very lucky in purchasing a 98 (I think) registered on a 'Y' plate Dominator from and American friend at work for 310 notes :o Bike has MOT and Tax till May 2015 with 19k on the clock. I will be riding it through the winter to work, only 10 miles and then plan to...
  17. 150% council tax!

    If you purchase a property that has been empty for some time, you get no longer get any free council tax period, even on a property undergoing renovation/not habitable. If said newly acquired property has been empty for 2 years or more (eg, reposession) you may have to pay 150% council tax rate...
  18. Swap: Tasty Bandit

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well I got my need for a bit of speed pretty quick so wandering if anyone wants a go, I'd be interested in something like the following Xl600v Deauville DR 350 XT 600 Bit of a range I know, but hey ho. Picture of my bike in the chatter section called talk me out of it (something like that, will...
  19. For Sale: SLR650 and cj250t

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda SLR 650 tax n mot 1997. very low miles | Motherwell | Gumtree 1200 quid....very nice bike.. tried to show some pics, but you can see them all here,, i have a honda cj250T as well 1350... ovno HONDA CJ250T 1977, tax n mot, may px car. Bike is in SCOTLAND | Motherwell | Gumtree both...
  20. import duty/tax

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the goblins sting you on import tax. To be specific I want to import 400 squids of accessories from the US of A . Any ideas? Cheers Dan