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  1. Honda XR125 for sale!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR125 for sale! **Reduced for quick sale** So here it is, my XR125 I've so happily owned for the past year and a half or so. It's never let me down and I've been using it for commuting 20 miles a day, 5 days a week pretty much since I've had it. The reason I'm selling is due to upgrading...
  2. Africa Twin '99 RD07a for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, My AT is for sale on here and I'm thinking of putting it on eBay/Biketrader too.. Here are the details. 1999 RD07a, black with silver and white decals 33145 miles Taxed and MOT'd till March 2009 Rear shock replaced with a 2nd hand unit of 6000 miles I have all receipts for servicing and...
  3. For sale - 1998 'Alp XL600V

    For Sale / Wanted
    1998 'Alp XL600V - ****No longer for sale**** **********No longer for sale*********** Unfortunately, due to a change in circumstances, i must sell the bike :-( Very good condition for year. Never been dropped. Excellent service history. Scottoiler, new rear tyre, tall screen, Givi monokey...
  4. 1998 Africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Help! I'm considering buying a twin. I know of someone selling a 1998 Africa Twin with 8,000 miles on the clock, taxed and Moted for £2,700. Mint condition. Is this a good price. What should i watch out for when buying a 10 year old africa Twin?
  5. Off topic posts Kubota AT

    For Sale / Wanted
    BAD BOY!!!.... You did this just to rub my nose in it again didn't you??:confused: BIGROG:(
  6. Africa Twin for Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, What's weather like with you? Crap day here; chucking it down all day so thought I would stay inside and post up some more information on my bike. I've included a photo with luggage attached but I'm only selling brackets and top plate (not boxes) with bike to let you see what it looks...
  7. 1997 Africa Twin for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    HONDA XRV 750 Africa Twin. 1997 R reg. Black. 17000 miles. Crash bars, luggage racks, Scotoiler, Datatagged and alarmed. MOT'd until April 2009. Taxed until Feb 2009. Full service history. Immaculate condition. Location Fraserburgh, 40 miles north of Aberdeen. £2950 o.v.n.o.
  8. 1991 Honda CRM 250 for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am considering selling my 1991 CRM 250, which I have owned for the last 2 years,and it has given me no trouble at all, it has 20,000 kms on the clock (true reading will be a bit less as I ran it on Motard wheels for a while) it is in good condition, has had regular oil changes and is taxed...
  9. KTM 950 Adventure 03 silver

    For Sale / Wanted
    I know I know, this is no Honda, but I'm sure Chad will back me up on the virtues of these Austrian beauties! I've only had it a very short while and am selling due to a change in circumstances coming up. 2003/ 03 reg. Silver 13,500 miles, I’ve only put on 500 miles! Was a shop demo...
  10. My first TA

    Well decided to finally buy my friends 1993 XL600 TA off him for £800. He just needs to get it serviced taxed and MOT'ed since it's been sat in his garage waiting for a new home since he got a bigger bike a couple of years ago. At pressent these are the only pic's i have of it:
  11. Bugger...

    Dominator / FMX
    ....woke up yesterday morning to my housemate asking me where my dommie was. Naturally i thought its where i left it, just outside the house below by bedroom window....turns out either i sleepride parked up and walked back or some pieces of undesirable turd decided to have it as a field...
  12. Things I think I need to do......

    and would like any comments on. :D . Its a range of ideas to set the TA up for next year, and give options as well. Things I'd like the bike to do: The full season of UK rallies, probably by trailer. Christmas and National meets. Erzberg "Konigsclasse", again probably by trailer. End to End...
  13. quick opinion required

    Please dont move this thread to the for sale or auction as I am only thinking about selling. can anyone give me a ballpark figure of the value of my @. its a 96 07 with 18k on the clock. comes with oxford heated grips(ones with the button control not the old twist jobbie), engine bars(not...
  14. its a deal its a steal its the sale of the [email protected] century

    got one:D :D :D :D :D 03 silver black,,, 12000 miles taxed mot full service history givi top box and in mint condition :cool: and i mean in feckin gleaming you can eat your dinner off it clean as a brand spanker:cool: :glasses1: :cool: :glasses1: im telling you this guy is worse than me for...
  15. Worst Vehicles on the Roads

    Jeremy Vine is doing a phone-in to find the worst vehicles and which ones people want off the road. Someone just phoned in to say motor cycles should be taxed off the road @ £5,000 per year or banned!! Apparently all riders have a death wish.
  16. What should i do

    Ok i need your advice once again :oops: I am looking at 2 Vara's at the moment and am not sure which one to go for 1: Price: £3150 Mileage: No Mileage specified 2002/52, £3150, ILMINSTER, 01460-520270, 07814-245542, owned from new, 15425 miles, FSH, taxed, MoT Aug07, Honda heated...

    I just taxed my bike for the first time online.... fekkin great.... so easy... Message came up and read that my disc will be with me in 5 working days... I just hope that DVLA spoke to plod and his mates to let them know that old Oxy wil be riding his steed with no tax disc on it.... BE WARNED...
  18. Wrong Registration !!!

    Africa Twin
    Ok, Ive ridden the bike for the last 2 1/2 years, Its been taxed and insured, and I have only just been made aware that my bike has the incorrect Registration plate on it!!!. :shock: The Bike has always been registered and insured using the V5 Infomation :roll: Even Dorris at the Post office...
  19. 98 AT Running problems

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, My first post on here, seems to be a great site/forum! I have a problem with a 98 AT which my father has just recently given me the use of - hopefully you knowledgable souls can help! The bike has been lying for over a year in my garage, and previous to it being taken off the road, it...
  20. MOT's

    Hi can anyone enlighten me on the law regarding MOT's. I am considering buying a old bike which is an Italian import. The bike is currently Taxed but has no MOT, it needs some work but will I run into problems with new regulations if the clocks and headlight have not been modified in line with...