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  1. technical question ...Fuel pump relay

    Africa Twin
    Does Anyone know if fuel pump should stop working when killing engine using kick stand ? As mine fuel pump working continuously after. Its not bypassed and start working properly when engine crank... Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. radiator question

    My 700 has always run a bit hot. I am thinking about swapping those 2 tiny radiators for a single large one. My question is would it be a simple swap or is there anything there to stop me doing it, some technical reason? I guess radiators are pretty simple but would like to hear from someone who...
  3. Indicators

    Have noticed recently that it takes about 4 seconds for my indicators to engage after being turned on, not a highly technical bod myself.......but could it be a dodgy relay??
  4. Triumph tiger 1050 with scratched fork lowers

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi there my friends triumph tiger 1050 has developed some scratches on the lower forks which are repeatedly damaging his seals. I know there are some technical gurus on here so I promised him I would ask for advice on how to fill out or remove the scratches and avoid buying expensive new fork...
  5. XLV 750R resurection

    Africa Twin
    Not really an AT but more than an XL so posting here posted this on Bigtrailie, but as its technical will post here also bigtrailie • Login :thumbup: will edit signiture to read 3 XLVs :color:
  6. I want to purchase a new bike

    Other Honda
    Now i want to purchase a new bike of hero honda which is having a sporty bikes and looks are also sporty. In my mind one sport bike name is there Honda CBR 250R STD. Is this bike is suits me and it is having some intrested technical features. Or you have to suggest another once
  7. Technical document central stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I want to build by myself a central stand for my AT RD07A but I need a technical document of the central stand, sketch with dimensions. Could any of you help me with this? Thanks a lot, Bogdan.

    Anybody used them ? I ordered a camera lens from them last week and i'm beginning to get a bad feeling about them. Difficult to get hold of them, can't login to my account and the resend password isn't happening. Phone line just keep saying call back later as we have technical issues with...
  9. xt 600 tenere

    hi to all on site , i have just sold my r 1100 gs and i am thinking of purchasing a yamaha xt 600 tenere , i had a mint xl 600 lmf which i sold a few months ago with help from site . How do these bikes compare with the xl 600 lmf .Any help or technical guidance would be much appreciated . rich
  10. Why two spark plugs per cylinder?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know why there's two plugs per cylinder (apart from "Thats how Honda designed it"). Trying to think of a technical reason. I guess its probably just for a more efficient burn?? The guy I bought the bike off suggested that one was "redundant" even though it ran all the time, & was...
  11. Nx650s camshaft help!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and would welcome some help with my wee bike. I'm doing a topend rebuild and am a little confused with my findings? The camshaft appears to have quiet a bit of lateral movement causing some damage to the camshaft location. There is a slot in the cam which would suggest...
  12. screw to adjust the suspension

    Hi guys, can someone explain in baby language what the screw on the side of the bike for the rear suspension does on the 650. I can understand the concept of preload which i think basically makes the rear suspension harder...the screw does not adjust this it adjusts the damping correct? but...
  13. TA700 - Maybe of use?

    for TA700. I see there is a parts catalogue already posted in technical spec's but with Lings own part no's. These should be Honda's ??
  14. LED bulbs

    Evening all, just got myself some l.e.d indicator bulbs for my 1990 TA. Can one of you technical chaps tell me why the bulbs will only remain lit and not flash when the indicators are operated? Cheers.
  15. Re: Honda XR400R Technical Specifications

    Re: Honda XR400R Technical Specifications I just purchased one beautiful only little used XR400/2003. It has around 700km on it. It is 101st. :thumbup: bike of the list I have had in my life. It means I practically buy 2 new or used motorbikes every year. But this Honda XR400 is the right one I...
  16. Honda XL650V Technical Brochure / Material

    Hi there A few years ago I was seriously considering buying an ex-police 600 'Alp, and found a lot of info on the interweb about the a quite detailed Honda article about the then relatively new 650, with some exploded diagrams and CAD cutaways etc. Now that I've finally bought a...
  17. technical query on popping

    Hi there.. my xl650v pops once or twice on engine braking when its cold, but the moment it warms up the popping reduces and then stops when the bike is nice and warm...what happens exactly to stop the popping from happening?...the choke remains in the same position so the carbs should be...
  18. Re: Honda Xl600V Technical Specifications

    Re: Honda Xl600V Technical Specifications Hello! I have an XLV600V TransAlp (1997) Model and want to know if I can get a parts blow up showing the part numbers so I can order the exact part here in Aus. The Parts list that someone great listed for me is going down the list in the forum and I...
  19. technical question i need some help please.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys im new to this but was wandering if anyone has any info or help on my matter. heres the thing, i have a 1988 xr600 supermoto to which i have fitted an slr 650 engine in to. i have modified the airbox top yoke ect ect i just wanted to know if i can run the slr 650 engine on the xr600...
  20. Technical question

    I'm trying to find out how much a litre of petrol weighs. So far I've discovered that the specific gravity should be between 720 and 775 Kg/m^3 or to put it another way between 0.72 and 0.775 Kg/Litre. Why the variation? The trouble is I never weighed the 5 litre plastic petrol container before...