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  1. RD04 RHS Mirror

    Africa Twin
    So here's the RHS (driver's side :p) mirror seems to be set up for someone who's about 5'4" (I need to duck right down in order to use it) and I can't seem to get it into a better position. Is there a trick or technique that can be used in order to angle it up? The mirror rotates but...
  2. Picking up an At

    Alright, I found out yesterday how heavy an @ is to pick up after laying it down because I tried to pull away in the dark with the disk lock on!!! What is the technique for picking one up off the floor?, I am no light weight but I needed help.:mad:
  3. Chain sliders

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, How often do you change the upper and lower chain sliders, I cant make my mind up as to wether mine a kanackered or still of use. Whats making me feel as they are done is that the chain as a fair bit of sideways movement. pics of new and kanackered ones would be good so I can compare...
  4. Starting a DR350

    I know a couple of you here have these kickstart only bikes and wondered what technique you use to start them form cold. Yesterday we spent ages trying to start Adimurp's new toy and eventually had to admit defeat. He has only had it a few days and he's started it before but previously it did...
  5. snapped exhaust studs

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all.i have a dilema.whilst removeing the header pipes yesterday i snapped 3 of the 4 exhaust studs.there is about 10mm of thread on each stud still showing on the cylinder head.i have tried molegrips with no luck and there is not enough thread to do the 'double nut technique'.has anyone used...
  6. Africa Twin 1991 ignition barrel bolts removal - how?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! So I've removed all the bodywork to give me access to the bolts holding the ignition barrel and switch in place. All I need to do is remove the bolts..... Unfortunately, none of the tools I've got seem to want to work. Is there a factory tool or a secret technique that I'm missing? All...
  7. Riding technique

    Found this on another forum. It's a link to the UKGSer forum about riding techniques - The Thin Black Line. Someone might find it useful. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  8. starting technique paris/dakar 600

    evening chaps,just bought an xl 600 paris dakar ,it was running a bit rough but after fettling carbs ect it now runs great,just one problem when kicking off it sometimes kicks back and it nearly bloody fractures your ankle,im assuming i am using wrong technique with the bar mounted compressor...
  9. How do you start your bike? whats your technique?

    Hi all, just figured out how to start my bike easily after a month:grin: First turn the petrol off! Full choke kick a couple of times and hey presto its going, simples!!! wish I'd found this out earlier! Bike is a xlr250 92 Baja. Just thought this might be of use to any other noobs who are...
  10. Standing on pegs - technique

    I'd love your opinions on what the proper set up is for a person to stand on a bike. For me, I feel my handlebars are too low so my elbows are almost straight when gripping the seat with my knees, which doesn't feel right hence I sit down most of the time. Back straight, knees bent? Hunched...