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  1. Helmets
    hello May I ask a question about custom helmets? I want to take my old scratched helmet and paint in new colour. Who knows about any techniques relating to painting the helmets? This is will be the first DIY project of this type, so I need tips. thanks
  2. XR
    Hi all My stock xr starts lovely when warm but from cold she's a pig! That's unless I have got something very wrong...I've tried numerous techniques but whatever I do it doesn't seems to want to start for the first 20 kicks at least. what I've tried; No choke and 3 twists of throttle Half choke...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Chris - nice to see you're sharing paint techniques with ze Germans :-D:-D:-D Die gestreifte ein
  4. Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone have any brazing experience & tips to share. I'm looking at light duty stuff in steel but can aluminium be succesfully brazed too? I have a plumbers type blowtorch, what else is required regarding flux & rods & using the above blowtorch, what thickness of steel could be succesfully...
  5. Riding This site covers a lot of advanced riding information, with each page covering a specific point, almost like bikesafe on-line.
  6. Riding
    I've added an article in to the Wiki from Mick Wheeler and IAM examiner detailing some of the things he sees when testing people. Very useful for reading.
  7. XR
    When I was out with a few of the lads on Saturday I had a few problems getting up steep climbs that were mainly rock. Leigh on his XR250 also had the same problem, but the 2 x DRZ400's and a TTR250 didn't. Interesting. Leigh had sod all nobbles on his rear so he has an excuse, but I had a brand...
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi folks, Finally i have installed a new Arrow can and k&n filter on my rd07.Its about time to check if carb will need new jets or tuning.Searching about this i have found some usefull info might be insteresting fo some of us. From an article on Weber carbs. Tuning Techniques Clearly space...
  9. Africa Twin
    This question is for those of you who have top boxes on your @'s. Well, I've been wondering how you lot get on and off your bikes when the top box stops you from swinging your leg over the back of the bike, especially if you also get panniers fitted to boot? Also, is there any way to set the...
1-9 of 10 Results