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  1. the unridables

    Coming to a telly near you in June on ITV4 for the fans of the old 2stroke racers The Unrideables - YouTube
  2. Irn Bru Fanny advert

    Just seen this on the telly ha ha class Baby, new IRN-BRU advert 2012 - YouTube
  3. Owen Jones

    He's on telly now with the Blood Runners on 'Dave' in New Driving Wars !
  4. so what was on telly this weekend?

    Africa Twin
    sorry chaps, but as usual in a desert, the sun was out, and we had to go for a sunday morning run. though it should be shared:D got chased by a mate and his 8yr old son on them noisy bloody quads, but hey, made sure they stayed in well deserved dust:thumbup: bacon/cheese sarmies and coffee on...
  5. once again we have shite on the telly !!!

    bloody big brother :twisted: hate it hate it with a passion reserved for all things nasty :lol: :lol: :lol: still it means i can come on here without getting moaned at 8)