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  1. My new bike!!! Be prepared disappointment: its not Orange

    Other Bikes
    My new bike!!! Be prepared for disappointment: its not Orange OK, its not quite a trailie, and many of you may be wondering, why oh why did he buy that. But, I don't care. I still have my XR Supermoto, and this suits me very well for my new Baltic lifestyle. How? Well, its pretty economical...
  2. Sir Edmund Hillary Dies today

    A true legend and one of my heros. Story here (Seattle Times 11/1/08 )
  3. camping in Africa... the hijacked thread

    now that i couldn't agree more with, i looked at a few companies to supply us a complete 'package' of gear to sell with the bikes for africa and could not believe the [email protected]~ocks some came up with, whats worse a few actually contradicted themselves and got there own figures wrong!!!... at the end...
  4. Spray on rubber

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I was thinking of rubbing the rust off my spokes and giving them some sort of coating to protect them and keep them clean and from rusting again, so figured some sort of plastic or rubber spray might work for that and be a bit more chip proof than using laquer, when I came across this...
  5. Got it... Ride it... the new Transalp 700!

    Nicely parked behind both Dero's we have a guest staying over for the next week! Karinda picked our brand new (only 100 mls / 160 km on the ODO) XL700V Transalp up from the Dutch Honda Importer near Amsterdam last monday (Nov. 12th) and drove the bike back home to Groningen that evening (250...
  6. the Weather

    Is it just me, but we are still in April and the weather forecast for Oxford this Monday is 27 deg C This just isn't right, more worrying if it's 27 deg now while the ground and sea temperatures are still low what will it be like in July. And worst of all I HATE THE HEAT :(:(
  7. Cylinder warming question.

    One other quick question - when I was running the engine to dry it yesterday I noticed that the cylinders were at different temperatures to the touch - by that I mean, as you sit on the bike, the right rear cylinder was too hot to touch by hand after a few minutes, the right front was warm and...
  8. Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Eventually, after much waiting, I finally picked my bike up from the Newark warehouse on the 28th of July. I headed SW through Pennsylvania state to Virginia, to pick up the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. On the way, I stopped via Gettysburg. A place where New Yorkers beat a...
  9. Camping Stoves

    Mechanical Advice
    Ohhhhh I do like this new tech section....... So today's topic would be what is your preferance of camping stoves? The good old camping gaz? Still have two of these in the loft which I stopped using after discovering the dual fuel systems. Camping in the snow also left us with a stove that...
  10. The [email protected] tried to steal my bike - AGAIN!!!

    Went to bed at 00:30 last night. About 01:45 something woke me up but I couldn't figure out what it was. The wife's not snoring, baby's not crying, there's a beeping noise which doesn't sound like the fire a... OMG my bike!! Jumped out of bed, looked out the window and saw that my bike was...
  11. Ride report South-east Godstone chapter

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    What a success :!: This was the biggest turnout yet for the' annual midweek mainly on a thursday when the sun shines' run,in short "ammotwtss". We all met at 10 am on this glorious Thursday morning and after a lot of Hello's and pic taking left for Brighton via Ditchling beacon.Please not the...
  12. Do you think it is over

    Just been looking at the weather forecast and it seems like the temperatures are certainly going up towards 10 degrees. What do you fellas reckon did we break the winter's back :? This was the longest winter for me in 6 years and just felt like it is never going to end, now looking forward to...
  13. Any ideas for gasket material?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. After getting a new joining gasket for the joint between the two halves of my BSM exhaust, I found on Tuesday night that it has broken up (like the first one did). It appears to be that the three bolts that hold the two sections together put strain on the gasket at its weakest points...
  14. dirt road tyre pressures

    Africa Twin
    A friend and I did a weekend trip into the interior of South Africa. It included riding some 4x4 tracks in the Cederberg mountains and then crossing over into the semi-desert areas of the Hantam Karoo, Bushmanland and back to Cape Town through Namaqualand. Over 1000 kilometres in total of which...