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  1. Transalp
    Hi all, New to the forum so go easy on me... Just after some advice. I'm attempting to put some oil on my throttle cables but the cables are super tight and I'm struggling to release them. What am i missing? I have a 700. Cheers
  2. Dominator / FMX
    I've found a nice NX250, 1988 near me. Tempting even with the tiny wheels (16 inch). Is there a forum where convos about it might be found? It's also sold worldwide as the AX-1 and listed occasionally in the US as a Dominator... and I'm in the US. Thanks for any leads... t
  3. Mechanical Advice
    Building a 20mm box bender. Hi guys, I am in the process of building a flat tracker from a Varadero frame. I'll post a thread up when I get a chance, but here's a picture of the project. At the moment though I need some 20mm box section bending so I can fabricate a rear subframe. Here are...
  4. Africa Twin
    Honda CRF1000L 998cc Africa Twin Adventure Sport 2016 Red | eBay £9,500 it's tempting..
  5. Africa Twin
    Finally got the bike back on the road today, don't know if it's the exhaust note that is tempting me to open her up more but the bikes feels like it's got more grunt. Obviously a service helps and the fact that I'm fairly pedestrian normally but the rasp of the new exhaust and I kept noticing I...
  6. BMW
    Saw an 800GS online, full panniers, heated grips, ABS, centre stand, board computer, 3,400 miles... £6500... Afraid to ride one, since I might want one... How much would my Tiger fetch on PX??? note to self: stay away, stay away! The dark side is strong... JB
  7. Mechanical Advice
    Was just looking under Givi online, and found that Bykebitz of Yateley, Hants are now sticking the Alpos panniers that Caveman used to sell through EIBC, before he disappeared off the face of the planet. £150 for the pair in either 32- or 36-litres, and £170 for a pair of 41-litres. They're...
1-7 of 9 Results