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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi! I have this Africa Twin RD07 a -98 model. I bought it like 3 years a go and it had the knocking sound from then. I have replaced the cam chain tensioner and exhaust gaskets. Non off this did help. The sound is only there when driving when the engine get some resistance. When standing...
  2. Dominator / FMX
  3. eBay - Africa Twin
    Hi. If anyone looking for Camchain Tensioner i have set for sale! Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin Steuerkettenspanner RD07-RD07-a XL600V, XL650V, XL700V | eBay
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi guys! Here is the video of my noisy RD07. I changed camshaft tensioner becouse of this noisy sound, double check valve clearance, check exhaust gasket. Is this normal sound. Firend of mine said that probably its crankshaft bearings or something with valves....? I need you opinions before i...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi! I'm looking for good useable tripmaster possible shipping to Slovenia. I also need 2x cam chain tensioner if anyone have some new parts for sale lower price then Honda delares have. Please send me PM. Possible paying with paypal. Regards Rok
  6. Tools
    Anyone got one of these tools I can borrow? They're £48 to buy and I'll only use it once probably. I will copy it at work and make a few so they'll be plenty to share around. I'll post it back to the lender straight away. Cheers Mick
  7. XR
    Anyone got one of these tools I can borrow? They're £48 to buy and I'll only use it once probably. I will copy it at work and make a few so they'll be plenty to share around. I'll post it back to the lender straight away. Cheers Mick
  8. Africa Twin
    heya, I posted this on ADV as well but I wanted to access more thoughts on the subject. The video shows the chain slack on my bike - I don't know how old it is but the chain tensioner is at minimum so I assume it's reasonably new. Thoughts?
  9. Dominator / FMX
    hi guys! i want to insure against cam chain tensioner failure (again) and found this mod. what do you think? i believe this couldn`t do anything bad. please check link below. cheers, Ignas. Basic problem with XR/XL engines (cam chain) on Forums 6th post from top.
  10. Transalp
    Hi all, i'm still trying to get to the bottom of my engine rattle ( ta 89' ) i changed the rear cam chain tensioner and the noise is still there, really seems to be coming from the front now. I took the cam cover off and cranked the the engine to FT on the inspection hole but this doesn't put...
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All I am looking for a pair(or even 1) Africa twin chain tensioner cam shaped thingies. I am not worried about the condition of them, so long as they are straightish. wizard
  12. Transalp
    Hi all, does anybody know what the length of the camchain tensioner spring should be on the ta 89' ? I removed the tensioner as trying to find the cause of my engine rattle, but it seems okay? maybe the spring is outside of spec ? thanks in adavnce, chris.
  13. XR
    Hi Guys, Hope you all had a great Christmas, and best wishes for the new year. I purchased a 2005 XR400 in bits and boxes I have now got it back together running great but I am unsure of the cam chain settings is there a rule of thumb for the chain tensioner or is it just guess work many...
  14. Varadero
    I have a 2002 Varadero coming up to 30K miles and I was wondering how the CCTs typically hold up on a Varadero? The CCT seems to be a bit of a weakness with Hondas. (Changed the CCT twice on my 53K Blackbird.)
  15. XL
    I was ridding last week when I lost power and after recovery by the AA and an engine drop and strip it seems the cam chain jumped off the crank shaft sprocket, luckily it seems there is little damage other than to the casing and chain, but wondered if anyone else has seen this and as I believe...
  16. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I need some sagely advice as I am replacing the gearbox on my RD07A due to worn output shaft and have the engine stripped down just needing to separate the crankcase now. My question is when the cam chain tensioner tab is near the wear limit (max 6mm) does this mean the cam chain should...
  17. magwa

  18. Africa Twin
    My Africa Twin has some play on the cam chain. So I'm planning to replace. Not sure if it's the chain, tensioner or chain guide that causes the play though. Are the chain tensioner and guides interchangeable on the RD04 through RD07a?
  19. XL
    Hi just had the cam chain go one tooth over, when I stopped the engine and have found the tensioner and slipper have both got heavy wearmarks on them I already have a new chain, but can anyone tell me where I can get hold of the tensioner and slipper blades for my xl 600 r its a 1984 model
  20. Varadero
    Well it's been rattling for a while now and i have been planning to get round to changing it but something always crops up and i just haven't had the time latly to do it. So i booked it into the dealers they said it would be £50-60 for the tensioner and 3 hrs labour so around the £160 mark...
1-20 of 31 Results