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  1. Valve Clearances and Cam Chain Tensioners

    After having a 2002 carb'd Vara, I bought one of the last Varaderos in 2014 (manufactured 2011) and now it has done 27,400 mainly on long trips around Europe. I was just wondering how long the CCTs are good for? I don't hear any nasty rattles or anything so I'm just wondering whether it's a good...
  2. Camchain change problem

    How to.....
    Hi everyone,<br><br>Renewing camchains on 80k mile RD07, but I can't get sufficient slack to bolt cogs back on camshafts with chains in place. I need an extra 10mm upward movement for things to match up.<br><br>What am I doing wrong? Is there some way of adjusting tensioners to build more slack...
  3. Vfr 800 FI into a RD03

    Africa Twin
    Just wondering what my options are for an engine swap. My RD03 (650) is comming on to 95000km and its time to replace cam chains & tensioners..... Can get my hands on a VFR 800 FI for a fair price (way less than what the cam chain adventures gonna cost)...........
  4. Wanted: Africa twin chain tensioners

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All I am looking for a pair(or even 1) Africa twin chain tensioner cam shaped thingies. I am not worried about the condition of them, so long as they are straightish. wizard
  5. Tubeless conversion?

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone converted rims to run with tubeless tyres, Vader posted about tyres and there was a link to an Italian site with O ring spoke tensioners. Just wondered if there were other options Alpina Raggi | Rims and Tires Alpina - Motorbike Wheels - Motorcycle Wheels - Motorbike Rims -...
  6. Cam Chain Tensioners

    I have a 2002 Varadero coming up to 30K miles and I was wondering how the CCTs typically hold up on a Varadero? The CCT seems to be a bit of a weakness with Hondas. (Changed the CCT twice on my 53K Blackbird.)
  7. Cam chain or tensioner requiring replacement?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I need some sagely advice as I am replacing the gearbox on my RD07A due to worn output shaft and have the engine stripped down just needing to separate the crankcase now. My question is when the cam chain tensioner tab is near the wear limit (max 6mm) does this mean the cam chain should...
  8. Vara 1000 Cam Chain Tensioners (CCT)

    Looking at possible replacements for my Alp, and I have to consider the Vara 1000. Just wondering though, I think the motor is similar to that fitted into the VTR1000 which were known to self distruct when the CCT's failed, have Honda over come this for the motor in the Vara 1000? Cheers
  9. Cam Chain Tensioners

    Africa Twin
    Well after all the stripdown and rebuild that took place recently, my cam chains are slapping like mad. I'm not very please as you can imaging after just having the engine stripped and rebuilt. The guy who did the rebuild said they looked ok when he put them back!! I'm thinking of doing this...
  10. Cam chain tensioners

    Africa Twin
    Bike shop man tells me my AT's top-end rattle ('rittle') is likely to be a worn cam-chain tensioner. He said this happens all the time on Hondas. Is he right? Has ayone else had this problem? MarkH
  11. For Sale: Transalp/Africa Twin NEW Camchains & Tensioners etc.

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD The following parts are suitable for all Transalp 600, 650 and all Africa Twins RD04, RD07 and RD07A and are for sale as they are now surplus to requirements: 2x Camchain Tensioners (14510-MR1-000) 2x Camchains (14401-MN1-671) 1x Exhaust Gasket Front (18291-MM5-860) 1x Exhaust Gasket...
  12. Chain tensioners....

    Africa Twin
    Guys, Just a quick one, my RD07a has 'lost' the markings that show the amount of wear in the cahin... Any chance anyone with some fairly new ones that still have the coloured band on can tell me at what number (stamped into the cam) the red 'worn out' portion starts?....... Its just that I've...