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  1. RIAT 2015 RAF Fairford 17th - 19th July

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Peeps Royal International Air Tattoo Fri 17th -Sun 19th July RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire I go to this each year and we camp on the top field where the professional photographers pitch up to take pictures Good craic - beers, BBQ, bombers, banter I have reserved 4 pitches £240 and there...
  2. RD07A 2002 Front Cylinder Head

    Africa Twin
    Wanted : RD07A 2002 Front Cylinder Head Hello Everyone, I have found the right bolt on the front rocker cover was stripped . On taking off the rocker cover I found the the right thread had actually parted from top to bottom from the cylinder head case. So my question is...can it be repaired...
  3. National Meet 2015

    National Meets
    The joint XRV/Big Trailie National for 2015 will be at The Bruce Arms, near Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire, for the weekend of 11-13 September 2015, with people arriving from as early as Wednesday 9 September if past years are anything to go by. The address: The Bruce Arms Easton Road Easton...
  4. Damage assessment by Insurance companies

    Whealie, you have a pm re the contents of the title of this thread. Everyone else - I'll let you all know whats what once the Insurance GURU has spoken :thumbup: Steve T :cool:
  5. Sold: Genuine Honda 45 litre Top Box & Transalp 700 plate -

    For Sale / Wanted
  6. For Sale: Alloy adventure pannier boxes medium size

    For Sale / Wanted
    A pair of used alloy adventure pannier boxes manufacturer unknown, with mounting kit. The boxes are mounting pucks currently positioned for Transalp Givi frames. The pucks can be repositioned if required to fit different frames. The boxes have reinforced lid corners, tie down loops and spring...
  7. Tents

    Would like some advice on a tent please something that I could nearly stand up in instead of rolling around on the floor trying to put my trousers on !(bearing in mind im 6 foot).I usually buy a 3 berth for myself it gives me extra room to store panniers etc. I usually strap the tent to the...
  8. For Sale: Touratech Zega 41 ltr panniers (pair)

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Touratech Zega 41 ltr panniers (pair) Having a clear out of all my surplus items, and we have here a pair of Tourtech Zega 41 ltr panniers (complete with lockable lids and lashing points). Although these panniers are used, they are in brilliant condition. They also have...
  9. AT Barn Find help

    Africa Twin
    New to the forum so firstly hello :salute:. I have been given the contents of a Barn that contains stripped in boxes an Africa Twin ,I have run the reg via DVLA & it has come back as an 1989 650 registered in the UK 1990 which should make it an RD03 ?. Well this is where the confusion starts it...
  10. Waterproofing nylon tents

    Other than Fabsil (other products are available) what has anyone used with great success please?
  11. Complacency - don't let it happen to you

    Not bike related We got burgled on Sunday morning:mad::mad:.....back (conservatory) door was closed but unlocked and the inside doors were open. They got access via nextdoors drive way and breaking through a hedge. Items taken - laptop (work), Ipod x 2, HTC phone, camera, bags, wallet...
  12. Thank you

    Dominator / FMX
    I just want to say thank you to every one that helped me with suggestions on all my threads that helped me get my Dominator back into shape. Just so happens the sun is shining and I will take it for a run at the weekend. Its nice to know there is expert help at hand if I ever need it. Thanks...
  13. Cotswold outdoors

    Today Sharrie and myself went to Cotswold outdoors tent show. We picked up a jackwolfskin time tunnel 3 and a Vango geodesic winter mountain tent, RRP in excess £650, we had both of them for less than £175. What a deal for two brand new tents. The one at Brecon mountain Centre is lasting all...
  14. Ferries

    I'll be taking a ferry from Italy to Greece in the summer and I'm a ferry virgin as far as biking is concerned and I'm looking for some advice. When you leave your bike after boarding, do you leave all your bulky gear still on it ? I'm talking about tents and dry bags etc, not tank bags or...
  15. Free camping.

    Dominator / FMX
    Free camping and free beer to anybody from this site who plans to visit Scandinavia this spring/summer.:cheers::cheers::cheers: I have a huge garden with space for 2 or 3 tents. I am a scouser who has been living in Denmark for 20 yrs, got the language sussed and would be happy to show any one...
  16. 2 Man Tent Advice Please?

    I have a Vango Omega 350, which I'm well impressed with, but I'm looking for a 2 man tent for when I travel alone etc. I'm hoping to do the Elephant Rally as well as going to Spain in the near future, to indicate it's intended use. I'm thought a semi geodesic tent like a Vango Halo, Chinook...
  17. For Sale: Berghaus lomond 3 man tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    I was a Pinocchio and did not listen to Jeremy Cricket.....the tent I bought from Nev is (I find) too large for bike trips, so it is up for sale again if anyone is interested. The tent has not been used and is still as described by Nev in his original post. Same price but would need to check on...
  18. 3 man tent advice pls

    in the market for the above....any suggestions for something good and not too expensive please...? I have used the Kyham Igloo which was a good size tent but found the porch and entrance a tad too small for my size......any tip welcome and thanks:thumbup: this one any good.....Vango Ark 300 DS...
  19. For Sale: Camping Equipment

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a small selection of surplus tents and other camping equipment. Gelert Vertigo 2 Person Tent, unused £60 - lightweight easy pitch tent. Vertigo 2 Double Skin Tent | Gelert Gelert Eiger 2 Person tent - more of a festival, occasional use tent. Unused £25 Eiger 2 Tent | Gelert Wild...
  20. For Sale: Vango Spectre 200 tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi selling my old Vango spectre tent in light blue used over a summer touring then put into storage review here Vango Spectre 200 | Tents | Live for the Outdoors has no rips, tears or holes is a great tent and survived many downpours while keeping me and my kit dry, fits 2 people or just a...