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  1. XL600V NoX Emmisions / ULEZ

    Hi All, I have been looking at the requirements for ULEZ bikes, and I cannot work out if my 600 will pass or not? I called Honda and they cannot give me a CoC for the bike (too old). Has anyone had the emissions (I think it is only the NoX output that they care about?!) tested? Am I able to get...
  2. For Sale: Transalp 600 parts for sale.

    For Sale / Wanted
    see new ad.
  3. For Sale: Crosso moto 80 soft panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I've got for sale my saddle panniers CROSSO MOTO 80 (capacity 80L). Made of cordura, all stiches are seald. Panniers were tested in every condition - 100% waterproof!! It is fit for almost all racks, fully adjustable. On the back and front is scotchlite like material for visibility . Price...
  4. For Sale: CDI unit for XRV750 RD04, RD07. OEM Shindengen. Tested, working.

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD A tested and working OEM CDI unit for the RD04 and RD07. £90 (or 100€, if you prefer). I'll be mailing this from France, so postage will be £15 if you're in the UK. If you're not in the UK, please contact me so I can give you the cost of postage to where you are (including la...
  5. Goodies for sale

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm having a bit of a clear out of stock and the following are for sale: FX650 / SLR650 / FMX650 Camshaft, genuine Honda, brand new in box £100 FX650 CDI, tested and proved working, 3 for sale £50 ea. I'm open to offers but I don't want to do any swaps or trades.
  6. which crash bars?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Wondering if any of you has SW Motech, Givi or Heavy Duties crash bars? To be exact i'm asking those who already "tested" them (fallen, slided, dropped the bike)? Heavy Duties seem to be at a very reasonable price, but would really want to know about their durability and ruggedness in...
  7. Schuberth SR1 - Size

    Yes I know about SR2 but looking at SR1 now =) Head size 61cm: According to Schuberth size chart: L = 58-59cm XL = 60-61cm Today I have: Shoei XR-1100 L = 59cm Fits good but can't be larger and Medium is to small. Uvex × 2 L = 59-60cm Feels quite large but also very light with soft...
  8. Hi Viz (Polite Notice) Vests

    Product Reviews
    Anybody seen these? Polite notice waistcoat test I've ordered one today. Winter months can be a nightmare on the roads without the numpties. One point missed by most people making comments about 'lookalike wannabie' is the fact if you come off your bike on a country lane or unlit road. Your...
  9. R NineT testdrive?

    The BMW R NineT, anyone on this forum owns one or tested one? I saw the first IRL today, so there are not that many on the roads here, and even less for test driving. Just curious if they are any fun. /Kjell
  10. Front brake switch

    Brake light dosen't come on when I pull on the lever,I've taken the wires off and joined them up and the light comes on,so bulbs ok,wires ok,I have taken the switch off and tested it with a simple meter and I'm getting a good reading,put the wires into the switch and try it by hand and it will...
  11. Wanted: Radiator fan for AT RD07 / 07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Peeps My fan did not cut in a Cowm Quarry Enduro Circuit Fitted other radiators off FW750X but the fan does not work on that either Had them both tested and they are both dead Has anyone got one around? Hopefully to fit before the National too!
  12. TA 650 screen

    I've trawled the archive looking at the various threads on screens. It seems that just fitting a touring screen isn't the answer to helmet noise and buffet as one set of problems tends to be replaced by another. Is there a consensus on the best set-up? MRA Vario or maybe a TA touring screen...
  13. new MOT's

    Had the Varadero mot'd the other week and was talking to the tester apparently there is a new mot to come in. They want it in for 2016, as they want to bring in a European MOT (may not effect us we may not be in the EU then if Cameron has anything to do with it). Tester told me it would be more...
  14. Dry chain lube

    Anybody got a tried and tested verdict on this stuff or the best chain spray,is it as good and alot cleaner than a scott oiler?
  15. Swedish Police Vara

    Swedish Police tested a few Varaderos in 2008: Varadero International :: View topic - Varadero Police motorcycle The Finish Police however, used (or is still using?) a civil R1:
  16. Anyone tested different gearing?

    Africa Twin
    Rear Honda RD04 - RD07A 36 cogg (std): CB350S 86, GB500, XBR500S 40 cogg (std): CB500E 94-03, CB500R/S 98-03, CB750 Sevenfifty 92-03 42 cogg (std): TRIUMPH Bonneville 800 02-06, Speedmaster 800 03-05 44 cogg (std): VT600C Shadow 88-07 45 cogg (std): XRV750 Africa Twin 93-03 46...
  17. tested TA700 with Straight Through pipe

    My local dealer has fitted a straight through pipe onto his demo TA700, removing the Cat leaving a big gap under the bike, asked me to test run it today for comparison. Got to get one of these once I know what his MPG is like. Throttle response is better especially low down, flat spot at...
  18. Interesting hand-held GPSs tested on The Gadget Show

    Mechanical Advice
    Yesterday's Gadget Show included a "wild challenge" on hand-held, hiker GPS devices. The Satmap Active 10 (£279.99) comes with Ordnance Survey maps and proved to be the easiest to use. Obviously not designed for use on motorbikes, but could be useful for off-road navigation if you can mount...
  19. Raptor Trousers - Anyone tested them?

    Alright lads and lasses.... anyone got any tried out the Raptor Trousers from Frank Thomas, they look and sound good....(like alot of thinks !!) but the proof's in the testing... so before I buy a pair just thought I'd ask...:p Cheers Nige
  20. TBM this month,new T/A tested

    and they give it a good(sensible) write-up. none of this 125mph twitchy steering/windblast tosh! my typing is too slow and i am too tired to write more but TBM like it for what it is and even say it copes off road.